Hooded Iraqi prisoner comforting a child [2003]

Award winning photo showing a iraqi man comforts his son at a holding center for prisoners of war in An Najaf, Iraq, 31 March 2003. AP photographer Jean-Marc Bouju has won the 2003 World Press Photo of the Year competition. Jean-Marc won also the 1995 Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography and the 1999 Pulitzer Prize in Spot News Photography.

With barbed-wire in the foreground, the picture shows a father who has been detained by the Army’s 101st Airborne division. The man wears a bag over his head, and he clutches his son in his lap.

Hooded Iraqi prisoner is comforting a child [2003]

Photographer: Jean-Marc Bouju
Source: pdnonline.com

Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse [2004]

Part of a “photo session” from a Iraq Prison controlled by US, this is a picture showing the abuse on the prisoners held and interrogated there. The man standing on a box with wires connected to his body is Satar Jabar.

Taguba Report a criminal investigation by the US Army Criminal Investigation Command had already been underway since 2003 where multiple recruits from the 320th MP Battalion had been charged under the Uniform Code of Military Justice with prisoner abuse. In 2004 articles of the abuse,included pictures showing military personnel in abusing prisoners, came to public attention, when a 60 Minutes II news report (April 28) and an article by Seymour M. Hersh in The New Yorker magazine (posted online on April 30 and published days later in the May 10 issue) reported the story. Janis Karpinski, the commander of Abu Ghraib demoted for her lack of insight regarding the abuse, estimated later that 90% of detainees in the prison were innocent.

One officer and some enlisted men ad women were convicted.

Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse [2004]

Photographer: unknown U.S. military or Department of Defense employee
Source: wikipedia.org