The Reagan assassination attempt [1981]

The Reagan assassination attempt occured on March 30, 1981, only 69 days into his term. He was leaving a speaking engagement at the Washington Hilton Hotel in D.C., when he and three others were shot and wounded by John Hinckley, Jr. After the shooting, Reagan was thrown into the limousine and was unaware that he had been shot. He thought he had broken a rib while being thrown into the car, until he coughed up blood and realized his lung had been punctured. Reagan remained in George Washington University Hospital for 13 days.

Assassination of Japan Socialist Inejiro Asanuma [1960]

This picture was taken only a second before the japanese socialist Party leader Asanuma was assassinated by an right wing student. Photographer Yasushi Nagao said he was only on the right place and on the right time. He received a Pulitzer price for this photo.

Assassination of Japan Socialist Inejiro Asanuma [1960]

Photographer: Yasushi Nagao

UPDATE: video footage of the assassination: