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I received comments that “the list should contain ‘this’ or ‘that’ picture”. There are famous pictures that i don’t know about (Imagine that!!!), so i ask you to tell me about them. I don’t ask for a complete story about the picture or the exact year when it was taken, anything is just fine. I can manage to find them after that.

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  1. I would like to find a buyer for a famous photograph. The photograph is Franklin Delano Roosevelt signing the Social Security Act. The photo is dated August 14, 1935. He is sitting at a desk surrounded by 8 other individuals, including his wife.

  2. February 16 1923 Archaeoligst opens the tomb Of King Tut In Thebes In Egypt
    And English Archaelogist Named Howard Carter Entered The Sealed Chamber Of The Anicent Egyptian ruler.

  3. First Flight On December 17 1903 was the day that humanity spread its wings and soared into the skies. The Flight Lasted For 12 seconds in the air!

  4. The photo of Marilyn Monroe with her white dress blowing up as she is trying to hold it down with her hands. Frank Sinatra is looking onwards with a smirk on his face.


    Hitler crushed entire Europe by September 1941. His troops were rushing toward Moscow seemingly invincible. At this, very moment of the peek of Hitler’s power his troops were defeated in rebellious Serbia. Just look what united Serbs could do! This kind of site was impossible to see anywhere else in the world: long column of defeated, captured German Nazi soldiers. The prisoners are escorted through Uzice, central Serbia, by both Partisan and Chetnik troops.

    This photograph is from the same Time-Life book we are quoting. You can see it on page 85.

  6. gr8 work….such a nice collection of such a solid n smart pics……each pic hve its own soul……thx for bringing dem all together…….

  7. Shouldn’t there be a picture of “the shot” on here somewhere? Michael Jordan in 1989 and it has definately been an iconic image of the 1980s and 1990s

  8. good worck He advocated the production of more children by racially pure couples, … The Nazis were particularly virulent in their condemnation of sex with Jews. …


    Not exactly a photo though it is a painting.

    The Unfinished Portrait is an oil painting of Franklin Delano Roosevelt that was in progress at the time of his collapse and subsequent death. Elizabeth Shoumatoff had begun working on the portrait of the president around noon on April 12, 1945. FDR was being served lunch when he stated “I have a terrific headache” and then collapsed of a massive cerebral hemorrhage. Later that day Roosevelt died. Shoumatoff never finished the portrait.

    The Unfinished Portrait hangs at Roosevelt’s former health and relaxation retreat in Warm Springs, Georgia, known as the Little White House.

  10. another sets of photos where the prime minster of malaysia was officiating a restaurant in australia, while during then, state of johore, being one of the state in malaysia was facing a massive flood and thousand of people were relocated.

  11. While I’m at it:

    * The image of Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch with her skirt billowing up.

    * Image of a boy carrying his brother (IIRC) during the Soweto Riots.

    * How about images by that chap who takes photos of 1000s of people nekkid on the street? Not sure how famous or noteworthy they are, but he always makes the news :)

    Any who, great site!

  12. This supernatural cloud appearing over Arizona U.S.A. 28 February 1963, 26 miles high and over 30 miles wide, baffled scientists. This picture appeared in Life Magazine 17 May 1963. Turn the picture sideways as below and notice the likeness of the head of Christ.

    A better photograph can be obtained with a quick internet search.


    The Palestinian father, Jamil ad-Durra, trying to protect his 12 year old son Mohamend from israeli gunfire behind a barrel (barely visible from smoke to the right). Seconds later, the boy was shot dead, the father wounded and a Palestinian ambulance driver who came to rescue them was also killed.

  14. I hope you will include this as well to your site
    Its a defining moment of mans unique achievements in the 20th Century,

    Title:Tenzing Norgay on the summit

    Date:May 29, 1953
    Origin:Edmund Hillary ((C) Royal National Geographic)


    Tenzing Norgay on the summit of Mount Everest at 11.30 am. Tenzing waves his ice-axe on which are strung the flags of the United Nations, Britain, India and Nepal.


  15. Hello
    I discover this web and I like it very much. I take a look at your war photoes and I would like to suggest you this one. In my opinion, all photos from war show the same idea: suffering, anger and pain Everybody (except the corporations) lose wars.

    Since I was a child, this image impress me much.

    Corpsman in anguish, 1967 (Catherine Leroy)

    Corpsman Vernon Wike, 2/3rd Marine, looks in anguish when he realizes that his buddy is dead. Battle for Hill 881. 1967

  16. Famous self immolation by an Indian Student protesting against India’s reservation policy in all education as well as government services.

    In October 1990, Rajiv Goswami, a student of Delhi Univeristy (India), attempted self-immolation (and later died after a prolonged illness) protesting against the implementation of the Mandal Commission’s recommendations. His action sparked a series of self-immolations by college students and led to a formidable movement against job reservations for backward castes in India.

    Find the pic at below link:

  17. we’ll stick at pictures for now, but i saw there a bunch of photos missing from our little collection and deserve to be in it. thanx.

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