The toppling of the Saddam Statue [2003]

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The Statue of Saddam Hussein was a symbol of his presidency and rule over Iraq. It was built in April of 2002 for his 65th birthday. On April 9, 2003 a group of Iraqi’s and US Marines gathered and brought the statue down. They hung a pre-1991 Gulf War Iraqi flag and danced in central Badghad’s Firdos Square.

6 thoughts on “The toppling of the Saddam Statue [2003]

  1. after removing Saddam’s regime, the Bush administration behaved merely like another Saddam. they killed thousands of people, women, children…. humiliate the human-kind and now, Im seeing the same scene …. people all over the world are bringing the American’s statue down from all over the world. shame on ….. AMERICA …. SHAME SHAME…

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