Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse [2004]

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Part of a “photo session” from a Iraq Prison controlled by US, this is a picture showing the abuse on the prisoners held and interrogated there. The man standing on a box with wires connected to his body is Satar Jabar.

Taguba Report a criminal investigation by the US Army Criminal Investigation Command had already been underway since 2003 where multiple recruits from the 320th MP Battalion had been charged under the Uniform Code of Military Justice with prisoner abuse. In 2004 articles of the abuse,included pictures showing military personnel in abusing prisoners, came to public attention, when a 60 Minutes II news report (April 28) and an article by Seymour M. Hersh in The New Yorker magazine (posted online on April 30 and published days later in the May 10 issue) reported the story. Janis Karpinski, the commander of Abu Ghraib demoted for her lack of insight regarding the abuse, estimated later that 90% of detainees in the prison were innocent.

One officer and some enlisted men ad women were convicted.

Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse [2004]

Photographer: unknown U.S. military or Department of Defense employee
Source: wikipedia.org

14 thoughts on “Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse [2004]

  1. I have to agree with JWD. People out there are just trying to make themselves either feel better, or look good by saying that we are wrong for some of the actions we take while “interrogating” prisoners over there. The whole war is sick to me, but I remember 9/11 and what they did to so many people in our country on that day alone…and I say…..if it stops them, even one, then do what we have to do.

  2. I think we’re all missing the point here. This isn’t ‘torture’ per se. This is a form of psychological abuse. Humiliation if you like. Many forms of this kind of thing are in fact sanctioned by the US army. Not saying that what’s depicted in this photo is within the pale of protocol, but I dare say it’s a darn sight LESS disturbing to the victim than, say… having rock music blaring into his cell 24/7! — a form of mind fuck that IS sanctioned.

    The way I see it, if (IF!) the guy in the photograph is a potential terrorist, then a little humiliation is acceptable. I mean, have any of you seen what they do to Western hostages? Have you seen a man beheaded using a serrated bread knife in the name of some fictitious god!? 0_0 It ain’t a pretty sight, let me tell you!
    So as far as I can see, I little impropriety on the behalf of the people actually fighting these wars can/should be expected.

    If it were/is physical torture, then of course, that cannot be condoned.

  3. it is irradiculous to keep the silence this torture and impossible things the muslim world
    they should speak out this
    whers human rights whers UN
    i think this is the discrimination and hate of the religion of islam

  4. wjh: You are ridiculus and extremley ignorant.

    I live in Britian and there are MANY MANY Muslims who speak out against radical muslims. Don’t make such a stupid statement that ALL muslims want us Westerners dead. Only a very few muslims who are extremists and have their own perverted view of Islam want us dead, not all of them.

  5. there is no innocent Islamic ‘s if there were they woukd stand against the Radical Islamics that we are fighting now. The fact is ,they all want to all westerners & Jews dead & any one else that ‘s not of the Islamic faith .Where the Hell have YOU been?

  6. JWD, I’m pretty sure you’d have a different view if it happened to you,, we are humans, they are torturing/killing innocent people to stop killing other innocent people, which is pretty stupid,,, no one can deny the fact that these actions are hideous and disgusting,,, and NO they didnt do it to so called “protect their country”, they did it to pass time and quench their violent thirst to which they are used to.

    People changed alot, turning into psychologically disturbed animals, whether its the “terrorsits” or the US army,,

    u say it was a crime for the photographs to leak,, you would like to live like a blind sheep…i hope you’re happy that our tax money is being spent in the torturing of helpless and innocent souls, despite the fact that u say its for our country’s good,,, u don’t know what’s good for our country,,, how about we stop butting into other ppls business so they wont butt into ours,,,

    Osama binladen is a terrorist,, which btw was once openly funded by the CIA
    Saddam hussain was a terrorist, which btw was supplied weapons by the US to fight iran

    We aren’t trying to protect our country, we are just hiding behind that reason


    dont ever say these ppl should have been tortured,,, dont ever say that,,,

  7. No, no, everything to say is just completely wrong.

    You seem to be forgetting that a majority of the people in these prisons are innocent citizens that are taken off the streets for no reason. Where the hell have you been?

  8. The only crime here is that these photographs got out. Are we supposed to protect our country with one hand tied behind our backs? I know, I know. . .there should be ‘peaceful and diplomatic’ solution. Bulls*it!. If anyone thinks for one moment that these terrorists would be open to ‘peaceful and diplomatic’ negotiations then YOU go over there and try it. One piece of advice, though. Make sure your insurance and your will are up to date because you’ll be coming back in a body bag. . .that’s if they can find all the pieces of you. They’d just as well carve you up than talk to you. There’s nothing you can say to negotiate with terrorists. They don’t want a peaceful solution they want to kill as many westerners as they can.

    If the US generals would’ve been given the OK to do whatever necessary to stop this carnage our troops would have been home years ago. But, NOOOOO. . .we had to ‘bring a knife to a gun fight’!

  9. That is just not right under the regulation of the human right.US sends troops but look what there really doing???There should be more haevy targets to this case.

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