Palestinian martyr [2000]

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Today we break a little the site’s pattern showing you not a photo but an image captured from a film showing the Palestinian father, Jamil ad-Durra, trying to protect his son from israeli gunfire moments before the boy was shot dead, the father wounded and a Palestinian ambulance driver who came to rescue them, also killed.

Reporters watched helplessly as the boy and his father became trapped against a wall with nothing but a small concrete block for cover as bullets rained around them on a road near the Jewish settlement of Netzarim in the Gaza Strip. Mohammed crouched weeping behind his father, who tried in vain to shield him with his arms and body. At one point, the father raised his head and wagged his finger, as if to scold. Some time later, both were shot and Mohammed slumped into his father’s lap.
Mohammed died, while his father survived badly wounded. An ambulance driver, who braved the fierce shooting to try to rescue them, also killed.

Palestinian martyr [2000]

Image from: BBC

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  1. Bit late…but…I love this image. I don’t look at it and think how bad whichever country/group of people are, I see a heart-wrenching clip in which the human need to protect comes through. The child doesn’t deserve the arguments that are happening here, whoever shot him, whether his father was throwing stones, whatever that child is an innocent and the image shows the fear he has. This is where real photography lies, it may cause debate but it captures a truly emotional moment and instead of focusing on backstory just see the image for what it is. Human Emotion heart and soul.

  2. israel is doing what Hitler did 50 years ago, jews were victim once, but now they have become killers themselves.

  3. FACT 1: It is self evident that no one has the right to take someone else’s land.

    FACT 2: Israel did not exist before 1948. Palestine did. That simple fact alone tells you were justice lies in this matter!

    FACT 3: That kind of thing may have been acceptable in the colonial era of the 18th or 19th century, by the mid 20th century it certainly was not.

    FACT 4: “The population of Palestine, predominantly agricultural, was about 690,000 in 1914 (535,000 Muslims; 70,000 Christians, most of whom were Arabs; and 85,000 Jews).” (Encyclopaedia Britannica).

    FACT 5: There was no substantial Jewish population until after ww2 when Jews were ‘imported’. Often wealthy Zionists financed them. Wealthy Zionists who incidentally, decided to remain were they where!

    FACT 6: The Chinese have used these same tactics (mass immigration) to subjugate Tibet. A similar crime against humanity!

    FACT 7: Ancient history is irrelevant but modern history is not.

    FACT 8: To claim someone’s land because your ancestors once lived there is merely unreasonable.

    FACT 9: To claim it because god gave it to you is insane.

    FACT 10: Today’s Zionism is based upon religious fundamentalism and racism. Anyone who supports these vile policies must exist in a religious fantasy camp, were seizing the lands of others is a god-given right and anyone who attempts to recover their own land is a terrorist.

  4. If someone is fkin bad in this world are the US people, always wanting war, always threathin others, always ruinin everything, maybe if they disappear everybody would be happy

  5. The world doesnt really care about any of this.If the palestinians really think we care they are truly ignorant.The west is only concerned with their wealth,money and power,we care nothing for the middle east or any other conflicts,people starving etc etc otherwise we would do something about it,i know personally i dont care one bit about this.

  6. Look up Pallywood on youtube, the events surrounding this picture make little sense and there is a lot of evidence to suggest much of it was staged and that they were killed by bullets fired from Palestinians not Israeli soldiers.

    To Ancient:
    As a Muslim Turk do you condemn your country’s occupation of Cyprus, and it’s treatment of Kurds, Greeks and Armenians? Do you recognise an apology from Turkey is needed for the millions of slaves taken from Europe and for Turkey’s annexation of Anatolia? Or like many Muslims do you selectively condemn violence?

  7. This picture is really harrowing, some of the comments on here are really ignorant, these guys live in a war zone, at no fault of their own, due to the Americans and the Zionists, families getting slaughtered everyday, its terrible, may god bless all those who have perished, and curse all the zionists for their acts. Bless this man and his son

  8. I have read several comments here and some make me sick.
    This photograph is about a helpless father and his son, who are soon to be shot..
    To start a talking, an individual should make a real clarification of his/her background. Here no one needs fake attitudes and disinformation i believe.
    I am a Muslim Turk, and i condemn all this unfair violence to unarmed people. This photograph is clearly a sight from a horroble scene. And as i see some ill minded people here tries to justify the situation.
    Well, gentlemen, it is easy to shoot unprotected people like this.
    The innocent boy is dead, the father is still suffering. And probably it is one of your ideas that makes this happen.. If you think everything is fine. Well, what to do.. You better go to the next photograph, and leave this “disturbing” unforgettable moment alone.
    Please do not forget that, the viewers may decide upon your future as well.
    Let peace be on Earth…

  9. Listen to yourself talk!!!! the jews did this and the arab did that and this land was my 3000 years ago and so on. This is a image of a boy getting shot, for no reason.

  10. hi there,
    Occupation was way before Hamas or the Islamic Jihad formation, the conflict is not between Islamic extremists and democratic world. It’s between people who were deprived from the right to have their own free state on the soil of the ancestors and between people who arrived from Europe and took over the land. another thing, what were the Israeli soldiers doing in a civilian area (women, children and elderly live there) don’t say to kill terrorists who use human shields because if their was no occupation their will be no freedom fighters defending their neighborhoods from the army invasion. peace out

  11. Interesting that the “independent” articles claiming that the boy was killed by palestinian fire are all written by jewish folks, Baruch, Schwartz, etc.. laughable!

  12. Tomer said:
    According to THEIR words the rockets and bobmbings of Israeli civilians will continue until Israel is wiped off the face of the earth.

    Screw them, it is an illegal state anyway, what right do the Jews have to usurp the lands of others because some shitty fairy-tale book says they can? Stuff them.

    Tomer said :
    instead we have an Islamic party ruling

    So what idiot? What’s wrong with an Islamic ruling party? Israel has a Zionist Ruling party. Both are religious groups, they are both the same. Religious groups have no place running governments.

    Palestinians are being slaughtered in their own country. How would you ingnorant Americans like it if the UN decided that the Jews needed a state inside American borders, and then they suplied them with weapons to kill you and your famly and friends. Fuck Israel. They should not be wiped off the face of the Earth, but neither should they be treated as if they are doing no wrong.

  13. I don’t know if I’d entitle this picture “Martyr”, since the boy didn’t die for a cause. He was an innocent bystander who was unfortunately killed.

    However, a point does need to be added to this discussion: during the 1st Intifada and the al-Aqsa Intifada, Palestinian militant groups routinely put young children in front of their protests/riots. It’s a great strategy–it makes the enemy not want to fire, but if they do, they hit children which translates into a huge PR victory for the Palestinians. Moreover, Israeli soldiers usually fired at the knees during riots to injure–not kill. Unfortunately, children are knee high and suffered accordingly.

    Thus, while it is a tragedy, we cannot pretend that Palestinians do not willingly and eagerly put children at risk for PR purposes. I’d not saying the Israelis don’t engage in unpleasant acts–I’m simply saying its not as one sided as everyone is claiming.

  14. This discussion is so full of politicized narrow-mindedness (from both the left and right) that I am disgusted. I’ve never read so many generalizations, stereotypes, or cheap-shots being presented as factual enlightened arguments in my life!

    This discussion has shrunk my faith in universal suffrage.

  15. just in case anyone was wondering, this photo and the video was made as a propaganda tool against Israel. it is NOT a true story.

  16. Mona wants us jews to end the occupation and the humiliation and then the rockets will stop. Does the Hamas agree with this? According to THEIR words the rockets and bobmbings of Israeli civilians will continue until Israel is wiped off the face of the earth.

    Occupation? There is no occupation in the Gaza strip – no jews, no settlements (even the synagouges left over have been brutally burned down by the palastinians) – what a nice start for a peacfull and prosperous palastinian state? instead we have an Islamic party ruling and hundrends of missiles and mortar bombs being shot at Israeli cities. Why don;t they buy food and build schools with all the money they have instead of spending it on expensive weapons?

  17. Ok you guys post on and on about who shot who and all that crap it doesn’t matter who shot who he still died for no reason. Sure now alot of people want revenge for this kids death but what will revenge bring? more death and those deaths will bring more and more. This world is burning to the ground, everyone is killing everyone. Greed has consumed all that was good and all that was good has faded from this world.

  18. what happen to the world…war..war war…
    I don’t think this picture is fake…look at the child face and his father.
    you can really know about that…they are not acting.

  19. Saw this photo with the BS description. Tom took some heat early on in the replies but he was proven right. Good job Tom exposing the truth under so much hate thrown your way.

  20. Mona, the problem is that neither I nor most of Israelis believe that leaving REMAINING occupied territories will end the conflict. We already HAVE left Gaza and Lebanon, and all hell broke loose there. May I remind you, that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others consider ALL Israel territory as occupied, and they will stop only when the Zionist State is wiped off the face of the earth. In this case when we will leave Judea and Samaria, the fighting will not end. Instead, we will have those rockets landing on Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem streets, and our planes shot down by RPGs. We can’t afford such thing, sorry.

  21. Im so glad to see that there is people whom can see things really as it is. you are a wise man, and i hope that people will read your comment and get wise

  22. One thing is bothering me. The father is not trying to hard to protect his son. If I was in this situation, I would have my child cover up between the wall and my body. The father had more protection from the surrounding structures than the boy did.

  23. I have been reading the comments and I just give you one advice. Go there as a Palestinian or as a friend of a Palestinian, live with them and bear the oppression and humiliation every day if not every minute and then judge. Put yourselves in their position, everything you have is taken from you. Even your hopes and dreams are taken from you. It really doesn’t matter who killed this poor child, the fact is that he is killed. But what about so many other children who have been lately killed in Gaza and who will be killed in the future?! End the occupation and the rockets will stop, let those people live in dignity and they will leave the others in peace. Nobody loves to die, we were born to live and enjoy life. Israel created those suicide bombers. So many of you hate to see the Palestinians as victims, for you they are terrorists because they fight for the stolen lands and rights, because they became refugees in their own country. Well you can all be good candidates to become terrorists if someone comes and takes all what you own. I hope you will never live such a thing, it’s just unbearable. Please, all I ask from you as one from there with a Palestinian grandfather and Jewish grandmother is to be fair. Please go there, live with the Palestinians and then judge because all the books and articles of the world will not be fulfill the purpose.

  24. This child died over land and politics. Land can never be owned by anyone. After people die, someone else takes over “your land”. It’s never really anybody’s property. It’s an illusion. It’s a joke. No matter what part of the world we live in or what culture we are from, politics and greed always comes first before human life. It’s all about power and the need to win. That must have been horrific for that father to be there with his kid trying in vein to protect him only to lose him forever in a matter of moments because people continue to fight and continue to hate.

  25. So it was a Palesinian bullet… Woohoo…. I’m sure the family can relax now.
    You talk like there’s a side who is right and wrong. It’s all politics and ego. The U.N vote for Israel. One! day after our decleration of independance we were attacked. that was 60 years ago, meanwhile we killed them, they killed us some more, we evolved, weapons got better, we killed more of them and on and on…
    The truth is that Israel is the strong one. That’s why there are more Palestinian dead. Only establishing leading parties from both sides that would be able to put the past away (we jews stole their country which was promised to us by god 2000 years ago) and strive to coexistense will resolve the situation.
    Knowing the history of the human nature… fat chance it will ever happen, some kind of political mutation would have to emerge and come…

  26. This is just a lie!!!!!!!! Palestinian people killed him! This was a simple show play of that fucken palestinian father! The surgery after death showed that the of the bullets could NOT be from Israeli fire.

    Stop to blame Israel! Do NOT believe Palestinian lies!

  27. Independent expert: IDF bullets didn’t kill Mohammed al-Dura

    By Adi Schwartz

    A report presented to a French court last week by an independent ballistics expert maintains that the death of Mohammed al-Dura, a Palestinian child seen being shot in the Gaza Strip during the first days of the intifada in September 2000, could not have been the result of Israeli gunfire, corroborating claims that the shocking footage was doctored.

    The ballistics expert, Jean-Claude Schlinger, presented his conclusions after reviewing the footage, which shows Dura and his father cowering by a wall after being caught in the crossfire between Palestinian gunmen and Israel Defense Forces soldiers at the Netzarim junction.

    The case revolves around a libel suit brought by the France 2 television channel and its Middle East correspondent, Charles Enderlin, against Phillipe Karsenty. On November 22, 2004 Karsenty wrote on his Web site, Media Ratings, that Dura’s death had been staged and that France 2′s conduct “disgraces France and its public broadcasting system.”

    A few weeks later France 2 and Enderlin sued him for libel. In October 2006 Karsenty was found guilty and was required to pay symbolic damages of 1 euro (and 3,000 euros in court costs).

    Karsenty appealed. The judge asked to examine all of the film footage in the report of the shooting before rendering a verdict.

    On Saturday, Enderlin rejected Schlinger’s findings, arguing that “only partial evidence was given to him for evaluation.”

    In his report, Schlinger wrote, “If Jamal [the boy's father] and Mohammed al-Dura were indeed struck by shots, then they could not have come from the Israeli position, from a technical point of view, but only from the direction of the Palestinian position.”

    He also wrote, “In view of the general context, and in light of many instances of staged incidents, there is no objective evidence that the child was killed and his father injured. It is very possible, therefore, that it is a case [in which the incident was] staged.”

    Schlinger confirmed these statements in a telephone conversation with Haaretz.

    Schlinger has served as an adviser on ballistic and forensic evidence in French courts for 20 years.

    In his examination, he recreated the incident emphasizing the angle from which the shots could have been fired, the types of injuries and the types of weapons used by the IDF and the Palestinians.

    According to his report, there is no evidence that the boy was wounded in his right leg or in his abdomen, as was originally reported.

    Regarding the injuries reportedly suffered by the father, Schlinger wrote that “If the injuries are genuine, they could not have occurred at the time of the events that television channel France 2 reported.”

    Regarding the angle of the shots, Schlinger wrote, “Assuming that the shots came from the Israeli position, only the lower limbs could have been hit, because the rest of the body was protected by the house at the location.”

    This is the first time that an independent ballistics expert, not representing the State of Israel, undertook to examine Karsenty’s claims.

  28. As Adam Rose says:
    “And the sad, incontrovertible fact is that the universal “Mohammed al-Dura Story” is true. According to multiple, credible international, American and Israeli sources, Israeli soldiers do kill little Palestinian boys on a regular basis. Sometimes for throwing rocks. Sometimes because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. And sometimes (apparently) for sport. (See, for example: “Killing the Future: Children in the Line of Fire”, Amnesty International, 30 September 2002; “A Gaza Diary: Scenes from the Palestinian Uprising” by New York Times reporter Chris Hedges, Harper’s Magazine, October 2001; and “Don’t Shoot Till You Can See They’re Over the Age of 12” by Amira Hass, Ha’aretz, 20 November 2000.)

    The image of Mohammed al-Dura is thus not so much about the particular little Palestinian boy named Mohammed al-Dura as it is about all the little Palestinian boys. And the power of that image is not what it says about one, but what it says about all. For in that “artistic”, “symbolic”, “mythical” image all the little boys—the Khaleds, the Nizars, the ‘Iyyads, the Samers, the 12-year-old killed today (22 May 2003) as I complete this essay—are Mohammed al-Dura. It is an image that serves as a kind of Tomb of the Unknown Little Palestinian Boy.”

  29. A most touching story which found to be a colossal fack ! The are plenty of proofs, including footage showing the photographer arranging the various victims in the scene (there were several people involved) for getting a better picture.
    Israel suggested many times that the body will be examined in order (a) to verify that there’s a body and (b) to determine what type of bullets killed the boy. That offer was rejected because the father prefers the current story…

  30. This photo is propaganda, the balistic and the coroner report is cleaerly determenning the the boy died from a PALASTINIEN gunman, then blaming israeli troops. this is another prof that the palestiniens have no shame, killing their own babys, as they do everyday in gaza when they send 13 year old children to shoot rockets at israeli highly populated cities. what a shame. i feel sorry for them.

  31. actually the father is Palestinian father, Jamil ad-Durra, trying to protect his son from *PALESTINIAN* gunfire moments before the boy was shot dead. The palestinians shot the boy so that they could blame the israelies. Worked, too.

  32. “Yosimitzuh says:
    why do the jews aways make us remember of the holocaust camps, but forget about what they are doing with the palestine. isn t holocaust what they do with that people????????”
    I first thought of an elaborate answer to your repugnant message, and then I figured that a photo is worth a thousand words, hence I refer you to the another photo of this collection, called “The last Jew in Vinnitsa [1941]“:
    If this will not convince you how foolish and/or ignorant you are, then nothing will, because it means you are simply a demagogue and a liar!

  33. The term “Pallywood” refers to the staging of scenes by Palestinian journalists in order to present the Palestinians as hapless victims of Israeli aggression. They are able to succeed in this endeavor in large part due to the credulity and eagerness of the Western press to present these images, which reinforce the image of the Palestinian David struggling valiantly against the overpowering Israeli Goliath.
    If we hope to learn anything from this terrible event, it will come from examination. We put the evidence before you and the five possible scenarios with arguments for and against. Judge for yourself

  34. Well, the purpose of whoever put this article up has been accomplished: look at all the insane, false propaganda against Israel being posted here.

  35. The investigation result of the child death, from both the govermment of Israel and the U.N is as follows: The father of the child, who by the way was throwing stones at Israeli soldiers just minutes before the picture had been taken, had been caught in a shootout between Israeli soldiers and Hamas militants. The bullet, wich killed the boy, was proven not to be from Israeli weapon.
    This picture is another example of the way Hamas thinks. They bring their children to gunfights and or shooting missiles on Israel from populated places only to use them as shields.
    A death of a child is very sad and is not to be taken lightly. But, don’t judge Israel before you know all sides of the story and to those, who think that Israel is the one to start this war, go check your history books and don’t write Al-Jazira propaganda as if it was a fact.

  36. A modern day blood-libel against the Jews/Israelis.

    And this site is promoting antisemitic propaganda. The choice of words in the article, especially the use of the “martyr” title, is very troubling too.

    The matter has been thoroughly investigated. There is absolutely no reason to believe this child was killed by Israel.

    This is part of a long tradition of faking news and doctoring pictures by Arab factions fighting against Israel.

    Please see -

    The Red Cross Ambulance Incident:

    Do any search on “Lebanon fauxtography” and you’ll find several more examples.

    Honest Reporting (has a section on the a-Dura forgery):

    Granted, a problematic site full of bigotry, but an enlightening article, nevertheless:

  37. I am an American, and I just gotta say this. If you hate America, fine, just know not all of us like the war. Hell, some of us don’t even like the way things are run here. Personaly, I want to move to England or Canada, (And before the second depression thank you very much)

    I really want the war to JUST END. Too many innocents like this Father and Son are being killed. Too many to even be excused for. I don’t even know what we are even doing there anymore, we probably bombed the hell outta Osama, and there are these ‘camps’ full of ‘maybeguiltyIdunno’ people who have to wait years before a trial.

    At least I have the right to hate the USA… Maybe the next President will make things better.

  38. My country makes me sick why just because a better ife i get that but killed a child that is fuck up how would you like someday someone comes up to u and kills u and your familly i hope that bush understand this situation that he is making .why woun’t he face his self…..lets see if he dares.

  39. why do the jews aways make us remember of the holocaust camps, but forget about what they are doing with the palestine. isn t holocaust what they do with that people?????????

  40. Regardless of opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian matter (and though I personally side with the Israelis, I can absolutely see where the Palestinians have valid points), the “OMG YOU GUYS AMERICA IS STUPID AND RACIST AND THE WORST COUNTRY EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!” ranting on here is patently absurd. We are not ignorant hicks. We are not fat morons. We do not force our Middle Eastern citizens into concentration camps (President Bush and Laura have held Eid parties at the White House for christ’s sake, and there was an Islamic Prayer Club at my school, along with Middle Eastern Appreciation Week). We are not a controlling empire, bent on imperialism. We are not stupid. We are not evil. We have made mistakes, and we have skeletons in our closets, but STOP acting like we’re the worst country to declare itself soveriegn. Read, study, learn and do it from UNBIASED sources. And then come give your opinions.

  41. I can’t speak to the veracity of the film. A few facts that might bear on the discussion: Many more Palestinians die than Israelis. Israel is still expanding settlements in Palestine. These settlements have protected highways that are off limits to Palestinians which isolate Palestinian areas making commerce impossible and life untenable. Many innocent Palestinians are killed collaterally.
    The World Vision (A respected nonsectarian missionary group) office in Gaza was destroyed or heavily damaged.

    The situation looks very similar to the seizure of lands by settlers in the US: When the Native Americans pushed back (“terrorism”) it was used as an excuse to seize more land and/or extirpate the Native Americans.

    There is plenty of blame on both sides, and until we acknowledge and use our influence to secure the legitamate desires of both parties there will be no peace and the extemists on both sides of the border will prevail.

  42. Here’s a bit of fact. The land of Palestine was taken by force and terror of Zionist. Israel was forged in crimes against humanity.This is not my concept either.It is the opinion of a good many Jews. Holocaust Survivors figure prominently among these Jewish detractors.Both Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter call Israel a apartheid state. I consider these two Men to be among the worlds most Honorable Statesmen. It is sad that Zionism has effectively destroyed the good will towards Jews after WWII,and poisoned the souls of The Jewish people. The collective violence against the people of Gaza today is the very same punishment used by the nazis’ . You had better find a solution other than Settler Colonialism and Genocide.Should the entire world be made to pay for the injustice of The Zionist ? cuz when The Nukes explode
    (sooner than you think all sides will be armed with them) and the oil fields burn Well…..,you know the scenario. Here’s a start, Get Jimmy Carter, he the made the only successful lasting peace between Arabs and Jews and hurry the fuck up because his date with the ages is at hand.

    Father/Brother Marcus
    Favors his Children with Equal Love

  43. I guess, Marcus, you deliberately choosing to relate to comments that help you to react in your way.
    Please read my comments, and if you don’t want to – I will tell you again:
    1. Yes, we are brutal to Palestinians, cause this is the only way we can handle aggression against us. If we had other ways to defend ourselves, we would gladly use them.
    2. No, we cannot just leave occupied territories because every area that we already have left – see Gaza, southern Lebanon – is immediately turns into base for more attacks upon us. And frankly, no solution is seen in the horizon. And NO, I don’t believe they will stop after we leave all the “occupied territories”, cause these territories from Palestinian point of view include ALL the territory of Israel. If you don’t believe me – check out any Hamas site.
    3. The picture is not taken on any refugee camp, it is on the streets of one of Palestinian village. Not all of them live in refugee camps.
    4. ALL the Israelis are aware of Palestinian suffering, the problem is that they are being led by organizations who don’t really care about well-being of their people. All they care is bringing war upon us, until they “throw us in the sea”. And all the surrounding Arab regimes actually help those terrorists instead of helping their people.
    And you are welcome into town of Sderot, try living a normal life there for a couple of weeks, and then share your feelings with us. I want to see how much you will like it when 10-40 rockets are falling on your head EVERY SINGLE DAY. And those are Palestinian “Qassam” rockets, mortar shells, and ATGMs, not stones thrown by some poor helpless crowd. It’s a well-equipped guerrilla resistance funded by a Petro-dollars.
    This is the situation here. We probably have done wrong by not resolving this a lot of years ago, but now we don’t have any decent resolution to it – only fighting back. And make no mistake – the feeling is that we are fighting for our SURVIVAL.

  44. What in The name of “All of Gods Children” are ya’ll trying to do? Mindfuck the world and make us believe that this poor baby was not killed by Israeli’s before our very eyes!

    You posters comments have bought me to tears (really) and if your heart is blackened to a level where you cannot repent. Then I will say for you. Though I’m neither Israeli nor Jew.

    I am so very, very sorry for the killing of that Child and his rescuer and if there be a God of All creation may they be held in his peaceful embrace.

    Damn it, just say I’m sorry, it will help. Your sugar coating shit makes you an object of hatred

    It makes me sick hearing Israel is being terrorized. I’m a vet and I know that when a helicopter gunship or jet fighter/bomber attacks you don’t hear the helicopter and have a chance to run. There is just quiet, and then SLAM! It’s terror plain and simple. Ask any vet that’s been in combat or a live fire exercise It’s not like you’re attacking people in dug in positions in a city. These are squalid oppressive refugee camps where ppl are starved of food water and fuel and the right to provide for there familys. They are trapped and have nowhere to run, by land, sea or air. Of course they fight like crazee.Then the settlers move in with their weapons and murder Arabs pretty much at will for any perceived threat. You defenders of Apartheid/Israel are a smart wordy bunch and it works for Americans but…

    The Eyes of The World are upon you. These Arab ppl live in concentration camps and the state of governments in the Arab world does not have any bearing on Israel denying their humanity.

    WTF does a Saudi woman? An Iranian girl? And a kid from Sierra Leone? havta do with the murder of Palestinian children? The people in those countries live in nations with open borders and the rule of law we may not like it but they have lawful governments. Not like fish being shot in a barrel. Also don’t talk of American freedom because we’re a Police State and have the largest portion of our population in prisons than any nation on earth. We have state I.D. and we don’t have freedom of travel to places like Cuba. Israeli Arabs live in Apartheid conditions just as well. I know a Palestinian American who said he was told to leave many Israeli restaurants and clubs because he was Arab and he lived in an Arab ghetto listening to Hip Hop music in a drug infested environment with no employment. I am American and Black, I could fully relate to what this man told me. Israel should have been The Light of The World but instead it’s an ugly, brutal, genocidal state with a pretty western façade. They were the #1 supplier of weapons to Apartheid South Africa and are The Worlds foremost experts on The Black Arts of Torture and Assassination. In fact, there were Israelis working at Abu Ghraib.

    That place is no Holy Land it is a miserable gross piece of real estate that should be “salted” so no human may occupy it in a thousand years.

    Israel is marching point towards World War 3 and nuclear Holocaust and in it’s arrogance will lie against God and small Children than admit error.

    Don’t tell lies! … It just is What it is.

    Ever yours.
    Brother of all men, Finder and Protector of Children, Strong Arm of The Swift Sword of Justice
    God and Peace loving, Bacon eating Gentile.

  45. A tragic photo, painful to see for every honest man on earth.
    That is what the eart says.
    We can understand it better using our brains. Do you see the bullet holes in the wall? They are perfectly round and seen like that. Meaning they came exactly from the direction where the France 2 cameraman, Talal AbuRahme stood to take the film and photo.
    The Israelis were on the side. So who killed the boy?

  46. This infamous photography is the archetype for manipulation of conflict by partisan witnesses. The photographer, a palestinian, distributed this picture with the comment that the israelis were shooting at this arab child. It’s been long proved that not israeli soldier could have seen the child, let alone shot at him. It is rather the picture of 2 innocents caught in an exchange of fire between palestinian gunmen and israeli soldiers. The picture has been falsely branded as a proof of israeli violence . But look at the violence in the world from Nigeria to Irak, from Mauritania to Sudan : who rapes thousands of women? who deliberately muders children? who beheads people in front of cameras before posting them on sites for islamist pornography? Muslims, yes. Arabs, yes. Certainly not israelis.
    All the hate-spewing moralists who spend their life insulting americans and israelis should go live in one of those islamic countries sometimes : if they are white, théy’ll be beheaded. If they are women, they’ll be raped and if they are free thinkers, they’ll soon be reeducated into slavery. Know anyone who envies a Saudi woman? an iranian girl? a kid from Sierra Leone?
    Try it sometimes. You’ll be more thankful of the precious freedoms you enjoy, and no arab country allows.

  47. Guys, this is not a matter of racism. The interracial hate here is similar to hate between Germans vs French, Americans and English during WWII. This is hate between the enemies.
    There’s a war going on here, there are two nations, each one trying to assure decent living. Palestinian people are suffering, but not only from Israelis. Their own leadership causes them suffer because of their corruption and inability to compromise. You can clearly see it now – they are unable to agree between them and have two different governments.
    And we, the Israelis, live in constant feeling of danger to our very own existence, and we can’t find the magic solution that will leave all sides satisfied. We tried leaving the occupied territories – look at Gaza now. There is a total chaos, and each day we have rockets launched from there falling on the town of Sderot.
    And what do you expect from us to do, when we see another group of militants trying to send another missile on our heads? Of course we fight them. And why shouldn’t we use helicopters if we have them? Should we send our fighters to a face-to-face combat against them. Well, fighters have families too, you know. Go on and explain mother of the 18-year old boy who was killed because it doesn’t look good to use the helicopters.

  48. A child’s death is a tragedy, to a child a parent’s death is life shattering.

    Put aside the politics and see the person. Theirs were lives lost needlessly.

  49. Miguel
    Israel is not The City of Angels it is a brutal state, in the beginning,now, and people like you will continue that murderous legacy. You are a pathetic racist. You can no longer hide Crimes Against Humanity behind that little word anti-semitism.That photo breaks my heart, as it would had that child been Jew, African or Asian to offer any justification for his death is evil. To lay the sins of the few on the head of a dead child SHAME! My skin is Black, But your heart is black and you speak with the tongue of The Devil.

    Joe, You are just gross.

  50. The photo is staged. This had been proved by France court system, and responsible were fined.
    “On November 8, 2007 Enderlin confirmed that France 2 would show 18 (out of 27) minutes of unedited footage filmed that day to the French court. [3]. At the November 14th hearing, only 18 minutes of the original 27 minute tape was shown and further questions were raised as to the credibility of Enderlin and France 2′s insistence that their version of the story is true, as the film showed the boy lifting his hand and peering through his fingers moments after Enderlin had narrated his death”
    Please state this in comment to a photograph.
    While there ARE many tragic cases of Palestinian suffering due to actions on BOTH sides of a conflict, this one is undoubtedly product of Palestinian propaganda.

  51. Sure Israel is a great country. Its a vibrant democracy.

    Oh sure. It deserves to protect itself.

    Against an occupied people who are so desperate that they throw stones at tanks and armoured vehicles and are shot back in return. By soldiers and snipers who know they can never be prosecuted. Who fight like animals? The people who use Apache helicopters and predator drones against people who have no technology Or the people who fight tanks with stones.

    Sure Israel is a great democracy. Yet it will not hesitate even once before collectively punishing a people who have been living in the area long before Israel was even formed.

    Oh sure there are freedoms there. Yet the Israeli Arabs who are members of the country itself are not treated as equal.

    Oh sure there are oppurtunities for every-one. Then why is it that people are so hopeless that they are willing to blow themselves up. The action of sucide bombers cannot be condoned but hey idiots ask why? It has nothing to do with Islam and all to do with loosing hope.

    Oh sure the country is at risk. Palestine has become a rousing pint for all the hate-eschewing mullahs and terrorist’s around the world because even a retarded person will agree a whole race is being repressed by a powerful force. End the occupation and the mullahs will have no cause to rant about.

    Oh sure its a peaceful nation. And what about the nuclear weapon that we all know it has. No one has ever asked it to disarm.

    Its very easy to come into cyber space and malign others.

    Anti-semitism has become a new bogey man. Sure it exists but so does Islamophobia and propbably on a bigger scale. The person who calls me and anti -semitic is probably an islamophobe himself. The tragedy is Islam, Christianity and Judaism are probably more similar to each other than any other religion

    The funny thing is the holocaust was supposed to tell people “Never Again”.

    The victims of one age have become the predators of another age.

    Sleep tight. You are not the one repressed.

  52. Miguel refer to people as naive (except tom) while he call Arabs anti-Semitism, that’s only a solid proof to show that you are just an ignorant like tom, Arabs are Semitic saying they are anti-Semitic means they are against their self!

    Tom, Arabs in Israel treated as 2nd degree citizens, they are only used to show that Israel is all about diversity but it’s NOT. Israel existed to host all the jews around the world, isn’t this racists enough? All the countries in the world don’t give full citizenship to people according to their religion except Israel.

    Stop watching US media and watch international news sources!

    Anyway I think this is not about who this is and who is that, it’s about the photo. It’s a photo that shows a father trying to protect his son against tyranny and he failed.

  53. wow.. there are some really naive people posting on this website. Tom seems the only one capable of using his brain to do some investigation and not going on with moral platitudes and frankly outright anti-semitism… the palestinians fight like animals, using their women and children as weapons. The israelis have to go down to their level to defeat them sometimes.. Anyway, if the israelis weren’t there, the palestinians would probably be worse off.. they’d just be fighting each other instead of the israelis.. so stop knocking the israelis.. they’ve founded a civilized state.. the first in the region for hundreds of years, the arabs could learn a lot from them.. they won’t though.. societies based so strongly on pride aren’t quick to learn.

  54. it really doesn’t matter who the terrorist is…the photo after all is about a father trying to save his son’s life… remeber… and it is a good photo and a great mirror of the human race… it is us behind the camera, behind the gun shooting at them, behind the government , behind the terrorists… this is what people do…kill…their own kind, the rest of the animals, the planet.

  55. The father is obviously protecting his child and protesting the violence is on his face. As far as Americans go….I am an American…shameful as it is. I would also like the world to know that we DID NOT elect Bush, either time. The war in Iraq IS NOT supported by most Americans, rednecks, yea, idiots, yea, the uneducated-racist-pieces of shit-scum–yea. Who else could support such an obvious abuse of power? F***in idiots. And as far as every one hating Americans, I’d really like to hear what you think we CAN DO. All I can think of is 1.) Not pay taxes 2.) Revolt….yea start a war here…Our Congress DID NOT AGREE TO GO TO WAR. So why don’t you have your f***in CIA kill these mother f***kers? Because war is not the answer, But it is getting to that point because Bush and THEM (Hillary) who will follow are going war ON Iran. So like Hitler, I believe a 3rd World War will follow. The world is sick o f being bullied into a system (captilist–environmentally DESTRUCTIVE) THAthat is going to kill the world anyhow, and slowly. So what is best? A quick death and very possibly eliminate an eminate slow doom, or a slow miserable one. DUH !!Unfortunately, this disgusting society is predominated by human beings raised on television and video games by women. Men are not fathers here; they are sperm donors to a bunch of stupid females raised by females under the same circumstances. This is a problem of males and females. This is a problem of technology, Japan. Men make weapons, men kill, men imprison, men rape, on and on. Women either DO NOT or RARELY do these things. So why don’t you brothers get your f**kin emotions and minds right and stop being obsessed w/ $$$, POWER, and stupid crappy SEX and drugs and either put a f***kin condom on, get your shit together in your heads. You’re all so insecure, it’s pathetic. And the ENTIRE world is suffering!!! Not just humans.

  56. I understand that people may be divided on this issue. Regardless of who fired the shots, this is a particularly disturbing and noteworthy image. Additionally, the actions on both sides in this conflict have often been reprehensible. The frustration with the Israeli, while in many cases extreme, is not unwarranted. Being relegated to small areas, areas that are not even connected, is unfair. Forced occupancy, even if a benevolent one, is wrong. While the concept of an Israeli state is a noble one, it was obtained by capturing land which once belonged to the Palestinians and presenting it to the Jewish people. One cannot agree that this is unfair. Had this happened in one’s own state, one’s own province, country, or what have you, there would be frustration. Coexistence and compromise are what is necessary in this situation. It requires concessions on -both- sides, for both are at fault in the tragedies that have befallen the people of this combined state.

  57. hey …hey ….people what are we talking about just try to feel what is going on in that person’s mind who is just trying to protect a child .Think about that for god’s sake .And think about what they are going through everyday in their life .
    But awesum photo i should appreciate it ………………thanks……..

  58. Why do they never show the hundreds of Israelis slaughtered via suicide attacks buses, restuarants, or in their own homes ? Instead we always get off on pictures of a crying Palestinian child or a weeping Palestinian woman.

  59. To Tracy: In Israel, Arab, Jews, Blacks, and Asians leave peacefully. The Arabs in Israel enjoy the best life Arabs have in the Middle East. In contrast, the Palestinians want to create a state where Jews are not allowed to be. So, who is doing apartheid?

    Defenseless Palestinians??? What of all the rockets sent daily in Israel from Gaza by Hamas? What of all the Terrorists attacks on kids? What should Israel do? Be sitting ducks? You speak of ignorance and call me a fool… How about you open your own eyes and see the reality on the ground. How about stopping your use of double standards…

  60. Can anyone guess where Sablicious is from???!!!! U.S.A maybe???? That is a disgraceful thing to say! U are a morale degenerate. The reason why the americans have a bad name in the rest of the world is because of people like you!! You are misinformed & ignorant so keep your dottard opinions to yourself, your embarrassing your fellow Americans. Stop watching fox news.

  61. Until the ALL the oil dries up the West need the Middle East. Once alternate fuels dominate the market place the fuel companies will become apathetic to the goings on in the region and resultantly loosen their grasp on governments’ foreign policy. At which point ‘deputy sheriffs’ such as Israel will become redundant. Then… FINALLY, we’ll be able to kill ‘em all & let [their] God sort ‘em out!!


  62. Tom is an ignorant fool.
    What Israel is doing to Palestine is nothing but racism. They are implementing apartheid rule on effectively defenseless Palestinian’s. It is disgusting!

  63. New Evidence Increases Suspicion of French TV Blood Libel
    by Baruch Gordon

    The 18 minutes’ raw footage by an Arab photographer broadcast on the France-2 TV station showing the alleged killing by the IDF of 12-year-old Muhammad al-Dura in September 2000 was screened in a Paris courtroom Wednesday.

    The raw footage has increased suspicions that the original France-2 report which blamed Israeli soldiers for shooting the 12-year-old was a staged blood libel.

    The story began on September 30, 2000 when France-2 broadcast 55 seconds of footage from Netzarim junction in Gaza in which France-2′s Jerusalem Bureau Chief Charles Enderlin declared the boy was killed by Israeli fire. Enderlin and France-2 distributed the 55-second footage free of charge, and all major news networks picked it up.

    In Wednesday’s proceedings, Enderlin submitted 18 minutes of footage. Alain Benjamin, who attended the trial, said, “The judge, without any prompting from [the defendant's] lawyers, asked what happened to the [full] 27 minutes. Enderlin said on record in court that he had to manipulate some footage that was not relevant to that day.”

    The judge asked if anyone in attendance had seen the full footage. Richard Landes, a Boston University professor who has released several documentaries on the al-Dura case, testified that he saw the footage at Enderlin’s office. He said the timer he saw was at least 21 minutes long. Landes later said outside the courtroom that France-2 undoubtedly presented tampered evidence to the court. “They cut scenes,” he declared, adding that he could prove it.

    Al-Dura’s alleged killing by the IDF quickly became a symbol used by Arabs to fan the flames of anti-Israel hatred. The Arab League, meeting in Cairo, went as far as to dedicate October 1 as the ‘Day of Arab Children,’ in honor of al-Dura. Iran named more than 150 schools after the boy.

    But cracks in the credibility of the France-2 report began to surface and were documented by German filmmaker Esther Schapira in her March, 2002 release, “Three Bullets and a Dead Child: Who Shot Mohammed al-Dura?” She concluded that Israeli bullets could not have killed the boy. France-2, sister station of the German ARD which produced the film, refused to air it.

    Several months later, the Arab cameraman who filmed the footage, Talal abu Rahma sent a fax to the France-2 offices in Jerusalem, rescinding testimony he gave in October 3, 2000 and claiming that it was given under duress.

    After mounting research and newspaper articles claiming that the events were staged and that the IDF could not have shot the boy, the France-2 news director, in a Nov. 16, 2004 interview with French radio station Radio J, admitted that it is impossible to know with 100% certainty whether the Israelis or the Arabs killed al-Dura.

    In 2004, Philippe Karsenty, director of the French website Media Ratings, published an article calling for the resignation of Charles Enderlin and another France-2 employee for staging the al-Dura boy’s death.

    France-2 sued Karsenty for libel and won the case in October, 2006. The prosecutor had recommended that the court rule in favor of Karsenty, in light of the evidence he had provided, but the court ruled against him. Enderlin and France-2 were awarded symbolic damages of one euro each, and Karsenty was ordered to pay a small fine and court costs.

    Karsenty appealed the decision and at the outset of his second trial in September, 2007, the French judge ordered France-2 to hand over the raw footage to the court.

    Tim Gross, former Middle East correspondent for the London Sunday Telegraph and the New York Daily News, attended Wednesday’s proceedings and viewed the raw footage. In an interview with Honest Reporting, Gross said: “I was really surprised that the film that France-2 produced wasn’t more convincing of Enderlin’s case. It was clearly cut up with lots of bits missing. We didn’t even see one instance, during the 18-minute film, of any Israeli soldiers shooting. We didn’t see the boy die.”

    Gross further noted that France-2′s Enderlin was not in the Gaza Strip the day of the shooting and that he was relying on “one Palestinian local cameraman who was not an employee for France-2 and about whom we know from other instances that [he] is a very unreliable source.”

    Gross charged that for Enderlin to establish that the boy was killed, when that was not clear, and that he was killed by the Israel Defense Forces is “very irresponsible journalism.”

    Endre Mozes, Chairman of, attended Wednesday’s trial and said that he saw many frames which supported the allegation that the whole event was staged. He noted that while youth are seen fleeing from danger of bullets, you see others in their 30′s walking peacefully by in no hurry. “So your feeling is much more that you are in Hollywood than on a battle site,” said Mozes.

    The trial will continue on February 27, 2008.

    Segments of this report were taken from Richard Landes’ blog.

  64. In the video, noted Doriel, “you can hear the firing – but the Israeli position was far away! Rather, what happened was that a Palestinian advanced to a spot very close to the photographer, and shot the fatal shot. You can also notice that at that moment of the fatal shots, the photographer suddenly ‘shook’ and the picture was blurred – a signal that the shots came from close to him.” Doriel was emphatic: “The Palestinian forces staged the event. The Israelis were firing, for sure – but the fatal shots came not from them, but from the Palestinian position in front of the boy, behind the cameraman.”

  65. Calm down, Palestinian kid, don’t waste your words with Tom. There are lots of Americans believe that whatever they did, doing, and will do are always the right things, the best choices although those action was killing children, raping women,or massacre. Tom’s view is just like Americans, so if you talk like that Palestinian Kid, u will against American Empire .
    I think the situation here is merely simple. Israel is one of American puppy dogs, Americans regard Arabians, and who is not their dogs as trash ( worse than Jews in the eyes of Nazis) . This picture is nothing compared with what has been really happening in the world by American hands and their allies.
    So once again calm down KID , this is the world !

  66. Tom, i think you are SERIOUSLY messed up. Go hide in a hole where you can lie to yourself and to everyone else you know about this, but seriously, you are just pathetic if you have the nerve to even voice this conspiracy theory here..
    For the record, multiple news channels, including, if i’m not mistaken, a few american ones, captured this footage.. They were all just shooting at people for a good story eh? And if the so called ballistics report showed that reporters were shooting at innocent people, surely, a scandal would have ensued?

    Effing retard. AND by the way, go look up the word “terrorist” instead of wasting your life on the internet, spreading bullisht left and right.

  67. A ballistic report clearly showed that the shots could not have been from the Israeli solders but came from where the journalists were standing. This was a horrible setup to frame Israel. The journalist filming this was in collusion with some terrorists shooting at the boy and his father. first they used children as shields, then they shoot them to win a media warfare. HORRIBLE yet so effective since the media is so eagerly waiting to condemn Israel these days…

  68. whether or not the man was up to no good to begin with bears no weight on their situation.

    It is a father,protecting his child.

  69. i think both of you (joe, mihnea) are confused– this is about the arab/israeli mess, not the iraq one. anyway, joe, though i see why you may think that, you should try not to base your entire view of a people based on the behaviors of some indviduals. the ones you are describing are extremists, and your description does not at all apply to all arabs, as you seemed to imply. it’s kind of like how many non-americans view us as ditzy, fat hill billies who don’t question their government and only concern themselves with superficial hollywood drama. clearly that does not describe many americans, but we are falsely generalized that way.

  70. While this is a tragedy, I can’t help but think this gentleman was up to no good to begin with. What is he doing outside with his child in a war zone? While I condemn the taking of life, I feel certain this could have been avoided. These folk use their civilians, their children, their wives, their old, their sick as human shields. They think nothing of hiding weapons in their religious shrines, their ambulances, or even dressing in womens clothes in order to spread violence. They think nothing of placing civilians in thier military buildings. Then when these are attacked, they claim their enemies are barbaric. Where are the pictures of these folks celebrating the horrible acts of 9/11? Where are the pictures of so called suicide bombers? Where are the pictures of mass murder created by suicide bombers?

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