Segregated Water Fountains [1950]

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Picture of segregated water fountains in North Carolina taken by Elliott Erwitt

Segregated Water Fountains [1950]

Photographer: Elliott Erwitt, Magnum Photos

30 thoughts on “Segregated Water Fountains [1950]

  1. Jesh states that “water comes from the same pipe,” but look at the photo more carefully. See how the “White” water is from a cooler (much appreciated in North Carolina); the “Colored” just a room-temperature basin. In violation, incidentally, of Plesy vs Ferguson, “separate but equal” 1896 Supreme Court decision

  2. Why is it that every photo on this site that show’s a black person or a racial issue leads to an extensive comment thread full of people saying how racist all white people are?

    Very ignorant and very racist towards white people, ironically.

  3. My dear white FRIENDS…When I’m born I’m BLACK, When I grow up, I’m BLACK, When I go in the sun, I’m BLACK, When I feel cold, I’m BLACK, When I’m scared, I’m BLACK, When I’m sick, I’m BLACK, When I die, I’m still BLACK….You on the other hand….When You’re born, You’re PINK, When you grow up, you’re WHITE, When you go in the sun, you’re RED, When you feel cold, You’re BLUE, When you’re scared, you’re YELLOW, When you’re sick, you’re GREEN, When you die, you’re GREY…PLEASE TELL ME WHY YOU CALL ME COLORED?

  4. It is not right to the colored people that they were treated like slaves and beaten to death. We are all brothers and sisters in the end. It does not matter what color we are because God loves us all the same.

  5. I’ve never seen so many morons post on a page before. You complain about racism then make no criticism of racist comments on this page. Then, someone misapplies racism to the concern over a Muslim school. Islam is a RELIGION, not a race, duh. Secondly, you may have forgotten a little event called September 11th–anyone has a rght to be concerned. Also, blacks separate themselves now more than whites do, so, while , yes racism is alive and well, the perpetrators have changed places.

  6. Celibrate diversity. That doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t exist. People are different. wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same? as for preconceived notions, we don’t need pigmentation. the difference can be as small as accent, or last name. it is human nature for there always to be a “them”. Otherwise “Us” seems to lose it’s meaning.

    ps. racism is easier against a people than it is against a person.

  7. true fact: all people are only .1% different from each other, no matter what color, ethnicity, or religion. Society itself is the only thing which actually creates the mere difference among people.

  8. A lot of people around the world look at South Africa as the only country that had racial segregation (pimarily because we gave a name to it – apartheid), I’d love to see a black female American president

  9. People think others are different because of the way they look, the only difference is the way people think. This photograph shows one of the many racial problems that plagues the world, and it expresses it in a blunt and precise manner.

  10. Everybody bleeds red, no matter what your make up on the outside… The fact that people still think differently is absolutely ridiculous… The sooner people change their thinking the better!!!

  11. How sad is it to see many people still be racist to different people…….
    We should all make a stand and get along w/ everyone
    No matter the ethnicity…..
    We are all the next generation
    and have to stand up to what we all believe…….

  12. me conmovio la estupidez con la que nuestra sociedad ha cometido tonterias tan grandes como esta, la discriminaciòn sigue existiendo solo cambia de victimas.

    saludos cordiales desde Santiago de Cuba.

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