The pillar of fire [1950]

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On the night of January 24, 1950, one of the most amazing photographs (right figure) of all time was taken in the Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas. As William Branham (an influential Bible minister sometimes credited with founding the Latter Rain Movement within American Pentecostal churches) stood at the podium, a halo of fire appeared above his head. This picture was the only one that turned out on the entire film! George J. Lacy, Investigator of Questioned Documents, and often hired by the FBI in that capacity, subjected the negative to every scientific test available. At a news conference, he stated, “To my knowledge, this is the first time in all the world’s history that a supernatural being has been photographed and scientifically vindicated.” The original of this photograph is kept in the archives of the Religious Department of the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.

The pillar of fire [1950]

Photographer: Unknown
Source: wikipedia

25 thoughts on “The pillar of fire [1950]

  1. hhm; This phenomenon will be proved soon by all peoples of the world. It was the Vindication of the Almighty God visiting His people in the 21st Century, and reminding them of His existence and care for them. The same God who appeared to Moses in the burning bush, who led His children from Egypt to Palestine in a visible Pillar of Fire; the same who answered Elijah’s prayer on Mount Carmel; the One who confirmed the Ministry of Jesus Christ; appeared to Saul of Tarsus on His way to Damascus; the very one has appeared in our generation through the humble but powerful ministry of William Marrion Branham. And that Pillar spoke and said ‘As John the Baptist foreran the My first coming, so you Message shall forerun my Second Coming.’ TURN TO GOD FRIENDS!

  2. The photo was NOT studied by the FBI. Re-read the article.

    “George J. Lacy, Investigator of Questioned Documents, and often hired by the FBI in that capacity …”

    I don’t get the comment about a “supernatural being.” Looks more like a stray flash to me.

  3. science has always tried to prove that there is no God or supreme being out there and in this photogaph science has proved that it is a halo.this truly is a man of God.

  4. This is the pillar of fire (the same pillar of fire that led Isreal out of Egypt in the old testement. accompanied Moses). This is our Prohet William Branham that was spoke of in Malachi 4 v4,5,6 and Revelation 10v 7. for more info google “william branham home page”
    God bless you!

  5. That’s right find any reason to doubt. Because were so smart with our tv, high speed internet and post secondary education. But yet we still can’t create a blade of grass. Just like the ones that scoffed at noah. Heady high minded lovers of pressure more than lovers of god. You would have found a reason to believe if you would have needed him to pray for you.

  6. this picture was not taken for unbilivers bujt for those that God has ordain to bilieve him the problem is people fufil the holy scriptures with uot knowing it God said you are poor, naken, blind &misreble &don’t know it,well thats true people dont see that these is that same light that lead the children of isreal out of egypt, that spoke to moses & s.t poul ikf you dont bilieve it then make a research go to the jowish history or find a religiuos jow & ask he/ she will tel you it is so

  7. people that dont even know their left from the right wants to dispute with a professional(George J. Lacy).PRAISE GOD FOR MALACHI 4 : 5 , 6.AMEN.

  8. MB: you’ve seen pictures of the same man with the same light at different locations? I say, B.S.

    Prove it.

    You can’t u won’t you would’ve if u could but ur lying so u suck

  9. As the children of Israel in the first exodus were led by a pillar of fire, so are we led by a pillar of fire in this 3. exodus. The world is missing it, although It is right in people’s faces. But God never changes His pattern and He vindicated the ministry of William Branham by attending in form of the Pillar Of Fire.

  10. This is an undesputatble appearance of a supernatural being. it has been authenticated beyond any shadow of doubt. I have seen other pictures of the same man with the same light at different locations. What makess the picture more outstanding is the story behind the moment it was taken

  11. I don’t think it’s a halo. It’s probably a sword that an angel was holding. It just wasn’t time to impute justice yet.

  12. This photograph was studied by the FBI. Now you are trying to dispute what their investigation proved. Even they said that it is the first time a supernatural being had ever been photographed.

  13. I’d say its a flash or light flare or some sort. It appears there is also a reflection of light curving around his head on his hair. Perhaps the flash that caused the light flare behind him, caused this too!?

  14. Clearly, the good reverend is being tailed by a UFO. Don’t try to tell me that’s swamp gas, either, because a bright smudge on an old photograph is certainly indisputable proof of the existence of god.

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