The last Jew in Vinnitsa [1941]

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Picture from an Einsatzgruppen soldier’s personal album, labelled on the back as “Last Jew of Vinnitsa, it shows a member of Einsatzgruppe D is just about to shoot a Jewish man kneeling before a filled mass grave in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, in 1941. All 28,000 Jews from Vinnitsa and its surrounding areas were massacred at the time.

The last Jew in Vinnitsa [1941]

Photographer: Unknown
Source: USHMM

64 thoughts on “The last Jew in Vinnitsa [1941]

  1. Why were there so many pansies back then? Was is a religious thing? Were they not allowed to fight back for some reason? I’ll never kneel down and wait for some a-hole to shoot me in the head. I’m gonna get killed trying to defend myself if anything.

  2. The person with the gun in this pic is really a coward, if he is really outrageous and strong he should kill the person who is equally equipped and skilled. I would say the Jew who looks bold and ready to met death is the real hero. I salute him for his courageous and fearless action.

  3. we should do good and be good.serve all and love all.Thats the only way.
    This picture was taken in vinnitsa where i studied medicine.
    its sad to note some of the hatefilled postings on this site.
    put yourself in the shoes of those persecuted and oppressed.
    May god forgive you.

  4. That was the time when Gandhi’s views were not considered worthwhile. Law of the jungle prevailed in its worst form. Such gruesome killing cannot be justified for any cause.

  5. Don’t think too much about the holocaust not existing… think about what major death events such as those of the wars, plagues, and the holocaust if you wish. In these events, the number of people that died is immense… I am in Australia, and we are not subjected to any of these events, bar the wars, where we didn’t even face real tragedy… But today, we are running out of resources, and the planet can no longer support our way of life… By 2020, we will all go hungry… if it weren’t for major death events such as those above, how would we manage to suport an extra billion people??? there are only something like 6 billion people in the first place… We need not to think too much about other people’s deaths, for none of us get out alive in the end… There is really nothing we can do to stop people from dying… it is a simple matter of survival… some aren’t so good at it… but also… you should pity yourself… for your life may be worse if you ever get to an old age… how much more pollution and starvation will there be??? how much inflation will we experience??? everything is going to blow out of proportion and then we will know what a tragedy is!!!

  6. I wanna see how many people comment against this, as a little experiment, lets see.

    The Holocaust never happened, it was sick idea used by the Americans to gain support against the Germans.

  7. thats an acceptable no relgion said that but human nature can make any thing we don’t said that man jewish or not but that man a human being so we must respect him and that happend now in phalastin and that made in israel

  8. This picture just completely breaks me down; look at his face, it’s completely fearless, and his eyes are still filled with strength. That was definitely a tragic period in human history, and when we the humans still fought for our stupid disdain for other religions.

  9. This forgotten soul, lost in the shadow of time, ebbing away into emptiness. His Father and Mother who once breathed the same air as you and I; his hopes and dreams; his children, wife or girlfriend, the suffering endured; why so much hate; why so much torment towards an innocent victim of life? And the story continues with more insanity; more wars in the name of peace. I hope that there is an ultimate justice; a place in which all the perpetrators pay for the despair they inflicted and evil they done.

  10. I THINK MOST ”imporantly” that this picture expresses alot as well into sadness and a dramatic time i dnt understand why did they kill so many jews,it’s so sad

  11. Did you know the Einsatzgruppen were recruited from the jails of Germany? Most of them were convicted criminals. Doesn’t take much, does it? The man about to die is the only one who will live forever.

  12. The most inhuman, gruesome and horrifying period ….i really dont comprehend why the germans killed so many jews…its so sad….

  13. I can tell you

    this is a look of a man saing
    “remmber me”

    how do I know

    this is what my grandmother father told her just before the German killed him

  14. look into the eye of the man to be shot.

    what do you think was he thinking or feeling at that time?

    it’s the most sad and heart trembling image i’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. That picture is horrendous, vile and evil. I am American and Black, and the images of chard and castrated Black American victims of racist murder are prolific in my nation. In these pictures there can be seen women and even children who participated in these horrible crimes against humanity. Unlike the Nazis these murderers still live among us and have gone unpunished.

    Today if you were to holler the word Jew, in a context devoid of any racist connotation you may find yourself branded with “The Scarlet Letter,” to in any way denounce the brutality racist apartheid regime (I believe Jimmy Carter and Nelson Mandela) in Israel can make you subject to death threats. Don Imus was fired for calling a team of Black women “nappy headed ho’s “ and little more than a year before was accused by two of his writers of being hired by him to “write nigger jokes” This man has been allowed to spew racist hate speech against Black Americans for decades and the most powerful political and media figures in this country have made Hajji to his studio.

    Hundreds of thousands of American Indians live in (reservation / concentration) slow death camps.
    I truly feel that World War II was Europe’s “chickens commin home to roost” for 500 years of The West pouring the blood of multitudes of darker people into the soil to which a “whites only” harvest was reaped.

    I challenge you to ask yourself, were that a pile of Black or Asian humans would you be just as repulsed? Do the piles of Rwawandan bodies and Dafur bodies offend you as? Do you remember My Lai?

    The Jews are safe in the western world though the situation in Israel/ Palestine may very well cause some Jews to again taste the bitter “Grapes of Wrath”.
    But we Dark people of the world are still subject to exterminationist racism

    Harken, what I say, until there is JUSTICE (fairness and equity) Universal.
    “The Grim Reaper” will not discriminate.

  16. This photo shows the ignorance of hatred and how helpless one is when hatred is ganged up on 1 individual. It gives us a picture to give us a better perspective on morality in the future. This is a sad photo.

  17. Amazing photo, very shoking and sad at the same time though. Human nature is too do this sort of thing I guess, sad but very true.

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  19. This photo is a fake, sorry. The people in background is added, and the proportions between the jew and the SS soldier(??) is not correct. Not exist any photo of the massacre, only a posteriory and onde question: Why this photo for the SS?

  20. Seems like this is going to start happening in a current time period by a very empire like country?

  21. Why did the Einsatzgruppen shoot that man in the ditch? I ask this because given that this shooting took place in the former USSR, it’s possible that the man being shot in the ditch is 1 of Stalin’s Commissars executed as a result of the Commissar Order.

    Stalin’s Commissars were bad just as Nazis were bad. In a small # of cases the Nazis did kill bad people-Stalin’s Commissars. Incidentally, a # of Stalin’s henchmen were Jewish.

  22. So sad, sad, sad… And this is just one of many other photos which show that tragic period of our History.

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  24. As mentioned by Marshall Lentini, the man in the picture is not a Jew, but a Russian Communist; add to that the fact that he is being shot by an Ukrainian Nationalist.

  25. seems everyone still refuses to ask what the motive was. Hitler’s love of power overshadowed a hate for the jews. He was trying to eliminate the Baha’u'llah. See if you can figure that out.

  26. All this has happened before, and all this will happen again :( , Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.

  27. Only highlights what wonderfully efficient killing machines we are, given enough motivation. The eyes of the soldier holding the gun show hatred, but not even he earnestly knows why he’s doing it.

    ‘Ironic’, ‘morbid’, ‘sad’, and ‘sickening’ are words we came up with after all!

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  29. This image is sickening because it demonstrates a complete disdain for human life. Unfortunately, it is not necessary to go back 60 years in the past, or to check elsewhere to find a similar disdain here, today.

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  31. THe sad thing is this photo is in no way unique. I’ve never seen it before, but I’ve seen countless others which, except for the specifics, are exactly the same. Hatred ultimately always shows the same face.

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