Muhammad Ali versus Sonny Liston [1965]

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This picture is one of the most famous moments in sporting history! It shows Cassius Clay knocking out Sonny Liston (former heavy weight champion) in the first minute of the first round, in a rematch (Muhammad won the match the year before after Sonny resigned to defeat complaining of a shoulder injury).

Speculations circulated about Liston’s fall, many spectators considered the bout fixed, even the FBI investigated the case. Some say while preparing for the fight, Liston was visited by Black Muslims who threatened to kill his daughter Eleanor if he should win the rematch, others say Liston lay down for money.

Muhammad Ali versus Sonny Liston [1965]

Photographer: Donald L. Robinson, Bettmann/CORBIS

16 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali versus Sonny Liston [1965]

  1. to whom it may concern,
    i have a autographed photo of the ali-liston fight in 1965. the photo is similar to the one on this website. however, ali’s right arm is still across his chest pointing to his left arm. i can’t seem to find that photo anywhere. a friend told me that that particular shot is rare. the photographer only printed a limited number. if this is true, can you let me know. also, what is this photo, with cert of auth worth. any and all information is welcomed.
    thank you for your time,

    louis greco

  2. I am a great fan of mohammed ali the great for ever and ever


    I luv u Mohammed ali

  3. I would like to know if and where you can find replacement copies of certifications on this exact autographed photo. I have this 16 x 20 autographed photo & it is numbered but have misplaced it’s certification paperwork. Where can I go to get a copy of this?

  4. I like to know if anyone is interested in a film of famous boxer. Ali in early 1960′s during world fair in New Your City in the 16mm film. It showed Ali was trying to sign autograph a piece of paper but was hit by a rock throw by someone and Ali dropped the paper a onto a ” world heavyweight” bus below him. Ali was standing on a hotel balcony a above the bus. Ali bended over the railing and picked up the paper. Please let me know if you know someone interested. I can give more information afterward. Thanks Harold Bracy

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  6. it should not read “…lied down for money,” but rather “…LAY down for money.’ It is true that a person does LIE down, but the past is LAY

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