2Pac before the shooting [1996]

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The famous photograph of Shakur and Suge Knight just moments before the shooting.


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27 thoughts on “2Pac before the shooting [1996]

  1. okay tupac is alive proven on youtube.com and i love his songs he is hidding out intill 2014 so everyone just wait!!!!!

  2. People say he is not dead because if yu look at the picture weelll in off there is no fucking Key in the ignition thingy and he wasnt at a stop light becouse the reflection on the car shows no sign of a stop light it is a street light.. i believe 2pac is not dead and i think he WIll come bacck in 2014 like they pridict look at fuckin youtube and it will prove to yu the truth
    <3 YU 2 pac

  3. that famous picture that everybody talks about, they are driving and have you noticed something????? NO KEY…. Look at the picture of 2pac with tyson that night and now look at them both together… notice anything????? 2pacs gotee is alot shorter than when he was in the car. something is not right, I think he is dead to but look at everything and when you do, it makes you wonder what really happened

  4. My system is that if I’ve seen a picture before coming to this site, it’s famous enough for me. I’ve seen this picture before and anyone with an interest in the life of Tupac Shakur has seen it too. I can’t think of many individual images of Kurt Cobain that are more recognisable or dramatic, except for the arial shot of his garage with the police outside it.

    It’s not really worth arguing over though. Loads of musicians are dead and people are debating over 2 particular ones.

    Imagine what Cobain would think of his “fans” trolling the internet saying how he should be idolised…

  5. Tupac was and still is the illest thing in rap.He had skill and knew how to use words.It really shows that you dont need to be educated to be someone in life.He touched so many life’s in his short life.Nothing compares to him and there will always be one Tupac

  6. 2pac kept it gangsta the most realist nigaa out there even years after he died.Spoke the truth and seen and been through shit noone wish to see. I understood were he came from people that have got shot such as i did and 2 pac did can understand how the world is fucked up. 2pac and i are the soilders of the same struggle to servive

  7. Whay the strogle,whay the curssing,why the hate for the world,whay……..PAI ATENCION TO THE SOUL AND YOU WILL DESCOVER A BRAND NEW WORLD! Rest in peace worrior,we all miss you!

  8. I love U 2 pac.U were loved all aound the world.Some people don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.Ignorant fools that don’t know shit.It’s been 10 years since u passed away and still your music lives on.They say u are the black elvis.Your true fans know what u were all about and that’s all that matters,others just didn’t understand u and need to get their facts straight before opening up their mouths.Who didn’t know u,that’s their loss.U and your music was the real deal too bad some fools don’t know that.

  9. i’v heard about him to :) , we can’t say about anyone that they didn’t had an impact over world, there are ppl who care and ppl who don’t, take for example the death of the Pope, tell me that Irak or around .. cared, i think they had a little bit much on their minds then.. like a war ?
    .. and still ppl from Italy cared more, is all about ppl ;)

  10. even if he did have an impact at all his shooting was far from “world famous” and even though i love kurt kobain his suicide again was not “world famous”

  11. HelenaN, so you think. (we have media :) )

    I`m from East Europe, and belive me.. we know all about Tupac, 50Cent, Eminem .. and all of them. Tupac in particulary changed mentalities, i have friends that listen him all day.

    Wasn’t just a USA-impact :)

  12. I wouldn’t say this is in the same league as the other pictures. It’s hardly a world-impacting event, sad as it was. Tupac was not very well known outside the USA and still remains so….

  13. If Tupac Shakur has an image here, shouldn’t Kurt Cobain have his own image here? A particular image of him is very well known.

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