Hitler in Paris [1940]

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Adolf Hitler visits Paris with architect Albert Speer (left) June 23, 1940


Photograp from: National Archives and Records Administration
Source: Heinrich Hoffman Collection.

25 thoughts on “Hitler in Paris [1940]

  1. Hitler was and still is a bitch…… and wen he died 99.9 %of the earth was happy but i think 1 % was sad b/c he did have a family who cared about him. also wen he bought Paris he took a pic in front of the ifal tower and sent it to his parents

  2. albert speer to the left, Hitler in the centre, and aircraft pilot to the right.
    I’ve seen footage of this in many war documentries, hitler drives trough paris and it’s completely deserted just three super charged Mercades drive through paris lol hitler is true man, know how get back at the french for whatb they did in WW1.

  3. Is that the real Hitler? Why would he pose in that way? What does the fourth person in the picture doing? What will they do in that place? What’s the essence of taking a picture infront of the Eiffel tower?

  4. The US government may not have sold weapons, but Us companies certainly did. American tire companies were making fortunes, IBM sold the machines that produced the numbers tattoo’d on the holocaust victims, GE was contracted to modernize germany’s rail way system. in Fact many US companies continued to trade with Germany through out the duration of WWII, even after it was illegal. A good example is coca cola, they continued to sell soda to the germans,,,but to disguise its origins they changed the name, the called it Fanta.

  5. I am going to visit Paris next week and being interested in WWII history, I would like to know the exact location of Hitler and Speer as they viewed the Effile Tower. If anyone knows the location where they were standing, I would like to know. Thanks.

  6. The U.S, never sold weapons to the Nazi’s, we did sell to England under the Lend Lease agreement before the U.S. entered the war.

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  8. Good old french bashing…Can someone reminds me what did the American do in the early years of WWII? They did sell weapons to Hitler, didn’t they?

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