First X-ray [1896]

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In 1901 Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen was the first recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physics, and he truly deserves his place in history because his discovery revolutionized the medical world. A series of experiments helped him notice that barium platinocyanide emits a fluorescent glow. Combining his observation with a photographic plate and his wife’s hand, he made the first X-ray photo, and thus, made it possible to look inside the human body without surgical intervention.

First X-ray [1896]

Photographer: Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen

4 thoughts on “First X-ray [1896]

  1. I believe that you may have the wrong image for the first X-ray. This site has a different image, and your image appears to be a reversal of this image, which was an image Roentgen took of Albert von Kölliker’s hand. (Despite what Wikipedia might say to the contrary.)

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  3. Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen, I love you. I’m work in Radiology, you gave me my career. I’m RICH because of you……….R.I.P.

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