Tiananmen Square [1989]

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This is probably the most famous picture you know. This is the picture of a student who tries to stop the tanks in Tiananmen Square standing in front of them. The tank driver didn’t crush the man with the bags but shortly after, the square filled with blood. The photo showed the Chinese that there is hope. However, China is still controlled by a communist regime.

Tiananmen Square

Photographer: Stuart Franklin Magnum
Source: life.com

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  1. The comments made by the poster “Mirror” were some of the most stupid, heartless, nonsensical I’ve ever read. I’m not even going to address his ramblings about the U.S.A. because every discussion about the P.R.C. seems to turn into some East vs. West argument which misses the whole point.

    “To those Chinese who defame their own country…I think, at the end of the day, it is like a kid with less-than-ideal parents in terms the quality of life that they can only offer”

    Well this metaphor assumes that the P.R.C. actually cares about its citizens, an assumption that has been shown to be untrue through the actions of the P.R.C. again and again. I think my analogy is better: Should a proud mass murderer’s children respect and praise their father?

    “After all, get over it dude, the Tiananmen thing was like 20 years ago, the country has moved on, so are the people. The country is prospering and the people are even happier.”

    You seem to lack the most basic grasp of the concept of integrity. It’s not about “getting over it” and being happy; it’s about respect, respecting your citizens with the truth. If someone murdered your entire family 20 years ago, then came back 20 years later with no apology, no admittance of wrong but instead simply a line like “that was 20 years ago, get over it dude”, how would you feel?

    By the way, how’re you enjoying your Victory Gin? I heard the chocolate ration is about to be increased by 20 grams per week soon, the nation surely is prospering and you couldn’t be happier could you?

    Oh and I’m also a Chinese who’s currently residing in Australia, I’ve never been more ashamed than I am now knowing that I share my background and roots with someone such as yourself.

  2. The man in the picture is believed to not be a student at all, but a man walking home with his groceries who merely got caught up in the protest. It is not known what his meaning was in standing in front of the tank.
    Meanwhile, this picture is quite famous in China – Westerners see it as one man bravely standing against insurmountable odds, China sees it as the Chinese army stopping for one innocent man’s safety. The photo has more weight when seen from both angles.

  3. China is run by Marx’s theory of a perfect rule, where everybody needs to be perfect and perform exactly as they are told (taught), communism. Everybody knows that this can never happen, everybody is different and thus everybody will want to stand up for their own beliefs.

    This picture is a perfect example of what happens when a country forces impossible situations on regular people.

    China needs to change! drastically, not slowly grow, they need to wake up and understand that following people who make up poor ideals and stupid theories is a bad idea.

    Mao was a farmer, never understood politics, was a great strategist at war, could give great speeches, but never saw the big picture. Now china is overcrowded, 80% of the population is under the poverty line, there is no religion, money is power, and people only live to die.

    A grand China was promised over 50 years ago, it will never happen unless you find somebody who actually has a soul.

  4. As is stated, my name is John Young. I am a United States citizen, an underage one, but nevertheless a U.S. citizen.

    China is undergoing a lot of development. Unfortunately, we cannot truly hear the viewpoints from the Unknown Rebel (Tank Man) or anyone who is truly being oppressed today. Most of the people with access to the world beyond China are students or the elite. Most of the students also qualify as members of the elite. It is not their fault in any way though, being elite isn’t necessarily bad. They have an extremely large gap between the poor, the middle class, and the wealthy. This gap is furthered by their labor regulations. There is little to no rural development in many parts of China and urban development is off the charts. This separation of development further widens the economic gap.

    On the other hand, China is the world’s largest manufacturing country. They play a key role in international economics. The cost is the loss of basic, liberalistic freedoms and rights that the lower classes should enjoy. At the moment, the Chinese government has effectively withheld vast amounts of information from the Chinese public. If they continue to do so, then I believe there with be a full governmental overthrow soon. It will either be a bureaucratic process or a militaristic takeover. I do hope to keep and eye on Chinese economy and politics though, as it is very interesting.

    China is a wonderful developing country and I hope to see them make it very far.

  5. im an overseas student.i was shocked.i feel so sorry when i heard of such extrodinary events..but i do understand.
    i have to say,china still has a long way to go .AS IT HAPPENED,the leader did did something over the top.But if you go through china’s struggling history,youll understand why they used forces,which of cource doesnt mean that it was reasonable but at least that was also part of TIANANMEN-SQUARE.The chinese,esp.the leaders were desperated to improve the situation.they were too desperated to distinguish the enemies in battles n innocent citizens.
    its true that the regime cant be changed in a short time,we all know that. wat we need are some democratic reforms to the system.chinese hv been through a lot of terrible history and dont expect any chaos while developing domestic economy.thousands of problems in our country are waiting to be solved. Timing is all what matters.we can see the transparent timely report in china about the sichuan earthquake.
    im very angry about wat CNN did.they faked the pics about the crackdown on tibetens.ppl around the world blame the censorship in china.Ironically,the press in western countries is also controlled by the politics.ppl there need human rights as well as chinese.
    we work hard ,and we keep silent all the time.WE WILL SEE whatll happen in the near future.i believe in our grand china.

  6. After all, get over it dude, the Tiananmen thing was like 20 years ago, the country has moved on, so are the people. The country is prospering and the people are even happier. The only suppression the Chinese have been suffering is the obsessive attack on the Chinese government and policies by the Western media and governments alike. Especially, for the US, anything that is not pro-US imperialism, are equivocally labeled as the axis of evil. The US have consistently abused the English language, including but not limited to words like “freedom”, “liberation”, “human rights” and “axis of evil”. Let’s work together and stop this abuse of human rights, stop suppressing the Chinese Government and the freedom of the people through your biased and prejudiced foreign policies. Stop yourselves from being an evil executive and liberate the people of the world under your tyranny, with your bases almost everywhere, like a licensed Mafia.

  7. To those Chinese who defame their own country…I think, at the end of the day, it is like a kid with less-than-ideal parents in terms the quality of life that they can only offer, and later on the kid became an infilial being and condemn the parents…it is nothing but immoral and disgusting. Especially the so called “Fa Lun Gong” and Epoch Times, these were part of the products of this minority of Chinese who chose to defame the very country that educated and fed them and confer them the assets to migrate overseas. They betray the country and their race…well, remember nothing can change your race, you will always be viewed as “yellow skin” Chinese, like it or not. As a matter of fact if china is not doing well, people will not respect you either, despite your “patriotic” efforts to support the Western Imperialism, simple, you are not white, you might be on the inside, but yet is not good enough to make you a “white”, it will at best make you a banana (white inside but yellow outside). After all, the so called “Fa Lun Gong” IS NOT A RELIGION, as they never teach compassion, and wisdom of the Buddha, do you guys read any mantra and sutra? I doubt so, the only things that are on your curriculum are yoga-like breathing exercise and attentions on gaining super-human powers (神通). These are in no way considered Buddhist, after all, Buddhism never promote demonstrations against a country or certain political practice. Unfortunately, a lot of Westerners naively believe that Fa Lun Gong is a religious organization which is oppressed. But they do not realize that this is an organization manipulated to favour certain political party to achieve their objective of destabilizing China, hoping to achieve the same effect as that of the fall of the Soviet Union.

  8. To one of the speaker above, who claimed that the use of force and rule of tyranny creates antagonistic affects…well, I would like to ask, have you been to China? How do you substantiate your claim that the Chinese Government rule with tyranny? Do people live in fear? Well, let me tell you, the people in China enjoy their lives and have no limitations on their speech and activities, people are really happy, and the atmosphere is bright and optimistic; a complete contradiction to the gloomy, images of fear and suppression that might have arosed in your head. Talking about openness, it is indeed due to openness and true intentions of peace that lead China to its unprecedented escalation of economy and world influence, it is the openness that bestow Chinese their optimistic and bright nature. On the other hand, it is due to pre-determined prejudice and negativity that hinder majority of the Westerners to at least know the facts rather than immersing in self-obsessed superiority and know-it-all.

  9. The US has relentlessly tried to force a composite image of suppression and iron-fist regime on the P.R.C, achieved through selective elaborations of events that at best, represent distorted, biased and myopic views; which unfortunately do not reflect the real-time situations in a whole. And in some cases, news were unethically distorted and misinterpreted, such as the recent report I saw on international news claiming that the Chinese Government have deliberately imply media restrictions and barricade “freedom of information” that the local Chinese population are not even aware of the pro-tibetan separatist movements in Tibet, I think the claim was as ridiculous as it was illogical…on the same day, I watched Chinese news through CCTV, which broadcasted the aftermath of the violent separatist movements in Tibet. After all, how could an event of such scale be made unknown to the public? There is a significant portion of Chinese overseas, and with the advent and wide-spread media application such as the internet and cell phones, how could such events be hide under the carpet….This is just one of the many examples I can raise…all add up can be compiled into a post-doc thesis. A lot of these views and news are severely distorted aiming to mislead the people, and yet a lot of people do believe those lies, this should however not come as a surprise as the US has shown that they are an expert in this field as they have successfully mislead the taxpayers to fund the expensive invasions which are everything but not freedom and liberation, the two holy words which have been repeatedly abused. Furthermore, building on the evil sentiments that has been transplanted into a lot of people, through years of brain wash and subtle psychological manipulations, the Chinese to a lot of people relates to evil Communism, and with a pre-determined misleaded mindset people lost their rationale to make sound judgments and analysis, to the extent of believing things that are illogical and absurd.

    Worst still, a lot of people HAVE NOT EVEN TRAVELLED TO CHINA, and they thought they know everything about the country just by blindly receiving poisoned propagandas of the US; this is a self-deceiving behavior of absolute complacency and ignorance at its peak. I remember a colleague of mine who claimed something like “in China, if you don’t pay the fare you will be kicked out of the train, so bad!”….duh, if you don’t pay the fare in the US, would you get a free ride? I am not sure maybe you guys do, but in Australia, not only you will be asked to leave the train, but also to pay a fine using your post-tax dollars, I believe this is a normal practice elsewhere…is this an abuse of human rights? And for the recent pro-Tibetan separatist violence, people can only see myopically, that local authorities send police and para-military personnel to “beat-up” the protesters, well, look, do you know that the pro-Tibetan separatist participants applied brutal violence, leading to social unrest, part of the crimes related to the violent demonstration include, but are not limited to beating-up pedestrians, burning shops and looting? If this kind of violent demonstration happens in the US, would the government send in Macdonalds’ Big Mac and Coke to support, favour and allow such protest to progress? Well, u guys promised a freedom of speech, freedom to protest…don’t you? and these were exactly the claims of the Western media against the Chinese response to send in reinforcements to control the spread of violence. Have the smart Western media looked at the timing of the demonstration? Why this time of the Millennia? it is obviously a manipulation of the timing of the Olympics to maximize the publicity against the Chinese Government, an obviously organized conspiracy aiming to affect the stability of the government, tarnish and defame the Chinese’ reputation and to cause social unrest. Most important of all, majority of the Tibetans are happy with the government, taking into account the significant transformation of the people’s lives in a positive manner and the significant improvement of the local economy and the parallel upgrades of the local infrastructure and standards of living.

  10. There is a saying “家家有本难念的经” ; which can be directly translated to “there is a difficult book to be interpreted in every house hold”, and it literally means that every household and hence every nation has their unique constitutions and circumstances. For me, it also conveys the message that as long as a nation is able to “balance the accounts” and progress on, hence benefiting the people in general, is considered doing well and shall not in any forms or manners be interfered in its pursue for prosperity.

    You might be wondering…. another “patriotic”, “brain-washed” fanatic of the P.R.C; well, you might or might not be surprised that I am from S.E Asia and have migrated to Australia as a professional. There is no way whatsoever to link me to Chinese influence, except that I am genetically a Chinese.

    The Western media and governments alike, are used to pursue their imperialist objectives by direct invasion (Korea Peninsula) and “well-justified” “liberation efforts” such as the recent Afghanistan and Iraq operations, which are all lingered in a simulated aura of patriotism and heroism. Afterall, pre-war “justifications” such as the allegations of “Weapons of Mass Destruction (WOMD)” have never been significantly substantiated in one way or another. The general, subtle opinion is it is a lie to justify an invasion with the objective of showing brutal power / dominance and most importantly to create puppet states and for the absolute control of the commodity of the future: Oil. After all, what have the operations achieved? In terms of liberations as it has always been marketed as? Despite the few selected images of smiling Iraqis apparently euphoric about the downfall of the Saddam’s regime, the actual situation in Iraq is not that optimistic unfortunately. Paradoxically, people are suffering; suicide bombings have integrated so well in to the daily life that it seems like a daily chore, an ongoing fearsome threat to the general Iraqi population as it is to the foreign operations personnel. The “Freedom” that president Bush claims, the apparent trophy of the pursue of freedom as it promises has started to, or has already sublimated into thin air… promises of “Mission Accomplished” and early retreat of the US and international “peace-keeping” personnel have never been accomplished, promises made and broken, and more lies to cover up…the people who suffer are the local populations as well as the international delegation of peace-enforcing personnel, in terms of casualties inflicted as a direct consequence of the “well-justified” invasion and selective suppression of regimes and religious groups. These disguised intentions of the, I have to say, United states are not justified, are misleading, are deliberately “spinned” to create the ingenuine image of patriotism lingering in a haze of freedom, misleading the people and tax-payers alike to contemplate factors favorable to the pursuit of imperialism and absolute reign of the international arena.

  11. Lyrea,

    You are right in saying the West comes across as arrogant. You are right that it perpetuates many evils, and many of them (including exploitation of workers, greed, the commercialisation of sex) have wrought havoc on the Chinese people, as upon many other nationalities and ethnicities.

    Unfortunately, we do not see clearly because of our biases. But this is not a binary opposition, black/white, communism/capitalism, people/government, asian/american – this is about the value of a human life.

    At the heart of it, the tank man represents the courage within humanity; it speaks to capitalism and communism alike. For peace, he is willing to stand before a symbol of power, and sacrifice his life for others. For freedom he is unafraid in a fearful situation, and has sought to stop the pain and heartache and killing. What can he do with two shopping bags, in front of such a large machine? He is no threat to communism – only to those who subvert the ideals of communism in order to exploit others, and gain from their suppression.

    This image should speak to Chinese, to the West, to every person who is open to believe that one life is important. That one life can make a difference, that change is possible, that we can overcome the things that seek to destroy our communities, if we value each another. If we have courage and work to overcome the evils within us, if we value each other, we will live together in harmony.

    You have the olympics in your country later this year – you invite, rather you court the favour of the world. Do not underestimate the value of such images to speak of the great courage of the Chinese. If those in governmental administration show equal courage, your nation is a great one indeed.

  12. im writing a paper the subject is “To what extent were the proterters at Tiananmen square not justified in their actions?” any ideas?

  13. The United States government is not perfect, and neither is China’s. But in our Constitution there is the Freedom of Speech, which is a necessity in my opinion. Without the ability to speak out about what you believe greatly hinders change, and for any government, in the U.S. or China, change is necessary. If China stagnants and flls behind the rest of the world in social reform it becomes an outsider, isolated in its ideals of complete control. Ironically, if China allowed Tibet and its monks their so called “rebellious” ideas, if China allowed peaceful protest, if they allowed some freedom for the people, then China would rise drastically in the esteem of other countries. Its people, who for the most part will follow any where China leads, would feel not only a loyalty based on upbringing, but by free choice as well. Suddenly reversing their doctrine would not, as China believes, force their country into chaos, but to an even higher degree of prominence, and on we could all happily live with.
    China, unfortunetly, is rooted in tradition, and may forever continue such acts as the massacre at Tianamen square. Hopefully, they will realize that tyrannical control only fosters hostility not only by the rest of the world, but also not a few of its citizens.

  14. @ dardanelles
    thank you for talking about your beleifs on tiananmen square, I have to wright a 7 page essay on it in a month. in it i have to describe why the chinese government was just and unjust in its crackdown. All I have been able to find are sites blaming the Chinese government.
    ps your english is fine! :p

  15. Stop with the “China is going to go democratic! About time!” sentences already. You westerners really love forcing your view and opinion to the world. Such arrogance, and you wonder why you’re disliked by almost the whole world?(Ofcourse, to be fair, many love your US dollar currency and wealth, but about the individuals… that’s another matter entirely. Oh, yes, some Asian girls do love your genetics, but that’s because they want “exotic-looking” offsprings and want to be different than their peers so I don’t know if that counts.)

    The thing is, although you might trying to hide your arrogant view and opinions, Asians are sensitive to subtle verbal language, body language and facial language. So, yes, most could sense your “holier than thou” aura when you doesn’t even say a word in front of us. We can pick your arrogancy when you think of us as “funny, strange, barbaric, etc.”
    So it resulting in ice-wall between us and you. Uncomfortable eh?

    Remember, there are thousand ways of life. Just because something work well for you doesn’t mean it would work well for others too. Stop trying to force the whole world to practice what your country practice. Let them choose their own way. Stop with the “But in our country we did it ‘this way’! Why don’t you do it ‘this way’ too?!”
    Such attitude will only create distance because no one love to be pushed around and forced to change their view. They will change when they want to change.

    For the moment, enjoy the vast diversities. Take it as something that would enrich your life, which can be domed to boredom if everything is the same and nothing different. So that when you look back, you can apply those knowledge to make yourself wiser than if you have narrow-knowledge about diversities.

    Only those seek for true wisdom could gain it.

  16. I think we should praise that student for his courage, China is more and more a big threat for the world.
    In the Korean war, Chinese didn’t want to integrate Korea. They want the North Korea to depend on them and keep the Americans busy with North Korea. Poor Koreans !!!
    China wanted the same thing in Vietnam war, but the Democratic of Vietnam was discerning enough thanks to the lesson from Korean war. They managed to pleasure both Soviet Union and China who were having conflict to get the most supply for their war.
    With its communist neighbor, it betrayed them , for example the border conflict with Soviet Union, and the short Vietnam invasion. According to the files which I perused, Chinese army shot into Soviet Union land first, and they invaded Vietnam just to teach Vietnamese a lesson because Vietnamese didn’t obey chinese but they did with Soviet Union.
    It’s plain to see that China is a potential danger for the whole world, for its sinister action with its brother. Do u want a Chinese Empire besides American Empire? I think that American Empire is enough for human’s hardship

  17. “The photo showed the Chinese that there is hope. However, China is still controlled by a communist regime”.
    So, the capitalist regime its the answer?

  18. that takes guts… it takes a great heart and a determined (rather crazy) mind, but the opressed are to be feared for they can do the craziest possible thing.
    this photograph also reminds me of Gandhi.

  19. @ tekk.. ur right.. google images does present two different images of this scene. The tanks and the position of the bus are the same, but the vantage point and the man are different.. bizarre

  20. Where can I get a copy (suitable for framing) of the “most famous” photo of young man as he blocks advance of a tank column with own body in Tiananmen Square in 1989? What’s the cost.


  21. i don’t know how to say it. but the mass murder shocked me deeply. i am a student in mainland China, only becase i now is in hong kong so i can access to this website! but really i am confused. may be i am brain-washed by the party cause in mainland china there is no way for us to konw any dark side of the party! maybe there were a lot of events like the massacre out there but we don’t know! i hope the goverment could be more honest with its people and became a real democratic country

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  23. this man is my hero. period. i’m not joking. he stood up for what is right, not caring what happened to him.

    who else can honestly say they would do the same??

  24. when you look for this picture at google picture. then you see different pictures… sometimes the chinese guy has two bags in his hands and sometimes only one! i wonder, which is the original one..

  25. I’m sorry about you don’t know Chinese,or maybe some essays of mine could help you to understand me,and Chinese culture–NOT the culture of CCP.

  26. I have been in China for 20years,and my grandfather has been in P.R.China from the beginning.We don’t know CCP’s killing.
    Except the Cultural Revolution,Anti-Rightist Campaign,1989.6.4.We are not live in danger.My grandfather sayed that we live a happier life in PRC,even it’s not perfect,but we are developping:)

  27. to Nick#15.I have read 1984 for many times.China is different from the western coutries.She has her own character which you couln’t really understand.I know that to kill is evil,but I also know to make such a big coutry into trouble is more sinister.We can never use the western ideologies to change China.So I have to say,though I feel sad for the students (just like me,in my age),I can’t agree to their ideas.You are not in China,you couldn’t know what China is.In my opinion,the damocracy in your countries is not perfect.Nowadays,we have to learn from the each other.
    PS:I can’t search for this URL for days,because of the lock of CPC…

  28. On the surface, it may appear that the CCP was “forced to kill,” and that various incidents just happened to irritate the CCP evil specter and accidentally trigger CCP’s killing mechanism. In truth, these incidents serve to disguise the Party’s need to kill, and periodical killing is required by the CCP. Without these painful lessons, people might begin to think the CCP was improving and start to demand democracy, just as those idealistic students in the 1989 democratic movement did. Recurring slaughter every 7 or 8 years serves to refresh people’s memory of terror and can warn the younger generation—whoever works against the CCP, wants to challenge the CCP’s absolute leadership, or attempts to tell the truth regarding China’s history, will get a taste of the “iron fist of the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

    Killing has become one of the most essential ways for the CCP to maintain power. With the escalation of its bloody debts, laying down its butcher knife would encourage people to take vengeance for the CCP’s criminal acts. Therefore, the CCP not only needed to conduct copious and thorough killing, but the slaughter also had to be done in a most brutal fashion to effectively intimidate the populace, especially early on when the CCP was establishing its rule.

    Since the purpose of the killing was to instill the greatest terror, the CCP selected targets for destruction arbitrarily and irrationally. In every political movement, the CCP used the strategy of genocide. Take the “suppression of reactionaries” as an example. The CCP did not really suppress the reactionary “behaviors” but the “people” whom they called the reactionaries. If one had been enlisted and served a few days in the Nationalist (Kuomintang, KMT) army but did absolutely nothing political after the CCP gained power, this person would still be killed because of his “reactionary history.” In the process of land reform, in order to remove the “root of the problem,” the CCP often killed a landowner’s entire family.

  29. Epoch Times Commentaries on the Communist Party – Part 7
    The 55-year history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is written with blood and lies. The stories behind this bloody history are both extremely tragic and rarely known. Under the rule of the CCP, 60 to 80 million innocent Chinese people have been killed, leaving their broken families behind. Many people wonder why the CCP kills. While the CCP continues its brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and recently suppressed protesting crowds in Hanyuan with gunshots, people wonder whether they will ever see the day when the CCP will learn to speak with words rather than guns.

    Mao Zedong summarized the purpose of the Cultural Revolution, “…after the chaos the world reaches peace, but in 7 or 8 years, the chaos needs to happen again.” [1] In other words, there should be a political revolution every 7 or 8 years and a crowd of people needs to be killed every 7 or 8 years.

    A supporting ideology and practical requirements lie behind the CCP’s slaughters.

  30. 中共建政55年的历史是用鲜血和谎言写就的历史,而那些鲜血背后的故事不但惨绝人寰,而且鲜为人知。当今天的中国人在付出了六千万至八千万的无辜生命,以及更多的破碎家庭后,很多人仍然在想:中共为什么要杀人?当今天中共仍然在屠杀法轮功,甚至11月初还在汉源开枪镇压抗议民众的时候,许多人也在想:中共是否有一天会停止杀人,学会用嘴说话,而不是用枪说话。



  31. dardanelles #9, you say that the government had to kill some of the students so as to keep order and peace. Have you ever read 1984 by George Orwell? Do you know what double think is? Double think is the act of simultaneously holding two contradictory beliefs. Killing is the opposite of peace. I’m sorry to tell you this, but you are a victim of double think. You are living in an Orwellian society. What does that mean? It means get out if you can because if you have read the book you know what happens. Have a nice day.

  32. We can watch a lot about “64″ in youtube now. and we know many figures in the news report are false. It’s because the restriction of information freedom in china.

    After HK merged to china mainland, I understand the madness of people in mainland. If the PRC government not stop the riot in violent, the country will become disorder.

    Hope US government and people not treat Chinese as threat and hope china mainland citizens don’t treat US as enemy.

  33. 我国制止动乱和平息反革命暴乱的正义斗争,得到许多国家的理解。一些暂时还不理解的国家,了解了事实真相,也会逐步理解。同时也有些国家和敌视我国的势力,有意歪曲我国形势,攻击我国为维护法律和秩序所应采取的措施,并在政治上、经济上对我国施加压力,粗暴干涉我国内政。最近,美国众议院悍然通过进一步对我国实行制裁措施的修正案。对此,全国人大常委会表示极大的愤慨。中华人民共和国是独立的主权国家,绝不允许任何人干涉我国内政。已经站起来的中国人民,永远不会屈服于外来的压力。我国将坚定不移地执行独立自主的和平外交政策和对外开放政策,在和平共处五项原则的基础上继续发展同世界各国的友好关系,对维护世界和平继续作出贡献。


    “China’s suppression of unrest and quell the counterrevolutionary riots in its just struggle to be understood in many countries. Some is not yet understood, the truth will gradually understand. Also some countries and the forces hostile to China, China’s intention to distort the situation, attack China for the maintenance of law and order measures to be taken, and the political and economic pressure on China. gross interference in China’s internal affairs. Recently, the U.S. House of Representatives flagrantly through further imposition of sanctions on the amendment. In response, the NPC Standing Committee expressed great indignation. The People’s Republic of China is an independent sovereign state, we will never allow anyone to interfere in our internal affairs. Have stood up to the Chinese people and will never bow to outside pressure. China will unswervingly pursue an independent foreign policy of peace and opening-up policy. the five principles of peaceful coexistence on the basis of continuing with the development of friendly countries in the world, for the maintenance of world peace to continue to contribute.”


    And I say, fuck the system.
    stupid dictators

  34. I was 12 years old when the Tiananmen Square massacre took place. At age 27 I was able to stand there and all I could think about was how it must have been to be a student or official fighting/ protesting against the government for changes. Even now in China the government is extremely constrictive of ANY news. We had to find different portals to access the internet each and every time because of the tight gripe on outside information or influence coming in and entering people’s thoughts.

    Dardanelles, I love your country and your people. Thank you for learning my language. Out of anyone here I am learning Chinese and I appreciate your culture and thoughts! Xie xie ni !!!

  35. and ,I have to say,most of younth in China,maybe,dream to the States or UK,or France and some other country.But the education in China determined that we will never believe the Captalism–only if the government in China changes–just as you in western countries will never know anything about the real China.
    And you won’t make sense of the more than 5000-year-culture in China.

  36. well,I don’t think English is easy to understand.
    This !! is a Chinese official,I believe.
    I’m a student in P.R.China.
    In my opinion,the government had to kill some of the students,or China–such a great country would be in disorder.
    I think the gov. should tell us the turth,but not to conceal us.I’m the only guy who know about that thing in my surroundings.
    I apologize to my horrible English.
    But I think you should learn some Chinese.大家说对不对?

  37. 我国制止动乱和平息反革命暴乱的正义斗争,得到许多国家的理解。一些暂时还不理解的国家,了解了事实真相,也会逐步理解。同时也有些国家和敌视我国的势力,有意歪曲我国形势,攻击我国为维护法律和秩序所应采取的措施,并在政治上、经济上对我国施加压力,粗暴干涉我国内政。最近,美国众议院悍然通过进一步对我国实行制裁措施的修正案。对此,全国人大常委会表示极大的愤慨。中华人民共和国是独立的主权国家,绝不允许任何人干涉我国内政。已经站起来的中国人民,永远不会屈服于外来的压力。我国将坚定不移地执行独立自主的和平外交政策和对外开放政策,在和平共处五项原则的基础上继续发展同世界各国的友好关系,对维护世界和平继续作出贡献。

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