Loch Ness Monster [1934]

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Stories about a monster in Loch Ness have been around since 565, but only when this picture was taken and showed to the world in 1934, “Nessie” began to be the object of contradiction, research and turism.

The interest for the creature ended in 1994 when Christian Spurling, admited it was a fake made by
his father, Marmaduke Wetherell. They made a wooden monster, Ian took the picture and they convinced Robert Kenneth Wilson (the village doctor), to tell the world he shot the picture.

Loch Ness Monster

Ian Wetherell
Source: wikipedia.org

68 thoughts on “Loch Ness Monster [1934]

  1. somebody is under the water holding their right arm up , cant believe outta all the comments only two got it right lol LMFAO
    The wave in the water is bigger because there’s a human body under the water gasping for air, they ahve just ducked under the water holding their arm out for the shot lol You can see the shoulder the tricep and bicep also the hand with fingers closed into a point….. do this with you own arm … lol Cheers Bert

  2. Never knew this photo was fake…then again I never believed in the lochness monster, but still I thought it was real. That “wooden creature” story is somewhat dissapointing.

  3. Nessie Loch Ness Monster and the Black Man without a face date 1949-
    Artist Maurits Cornelis ESCHER 1898-1972 NL
    June 29th 2010, Rome
    Great works of art
    Andrea Dipré, famous art critique with Antonio Prospero, CEO of the Escher-
    Nessie association.
    Welcome to you all by Andrea Dipré, presenter of the program The Great Works
    of art. The subject of today’s program is a drawing of exceptional and
    fundamental importance due to its artistic value by the Dutch graphic artist
    and engraver Maurits Cornelis Escher who, with his genius, tackled the
    geometrical representation of art.
    One of his works was found by chance a few years ago, stashed away for decades
    in an old and forgotten garage in a small village in the southern region of
    Campania. This work is of extraordinary importance.
    Escher was loved by scientists, mathematicians and logicians. The work is
    dedicated to the myth of the Monster of Loch Ness known as Nessie.
    The picture is held together in a wooden oak frame and depicts a mysterious
    figure playing a fife who seems to be enchanting the sea creature with his
    Here you can see a life-size photo of the original, which is well hidden in a
    secret location. On the back of the picture there is the signature of Escher
    himself as confirmed by a scientific study of his calligraphy.
    The work is a charcoal drawing measuring 53 cm x 42 cm. This extraordinary
    piece of art was found, as said above, by chance by policeman Raffaele De Feo.
    The calligraphy and signature have been officially recognized. The work is of
    amazing importance also due to the sightings of the Monster of Loch Ness which
    began in the 1930s.
    The work was given to policeman Rafaelle De Feo’s mother and brought to Italy
    a few years later to Volturara Irpina a small village in the southern province
    of Avellino . Escher managed to represent the essence of Nessie. Here is the
    life-size photo of the picture. You can contact the owner or Mr. Prospero for
    more information, and have the chance to see the original which belongs to myth
    rather than history.
    The work, I remind you, is an Escher, the great Dutch artist who was born in
    1898 and died in 1972. Mr. Prospero is also working hard to make the piece of
    art obtain the recognition it deserves. It has already had great success by a
    vast public, but my wish is for it to obtain even larger and wider popularity.
    Thank you.

  4. you would think that if these people really wanted to see if there was any think in lockness they wold find a way to drain the lake or build a dam so water can stop come in but i fully belive that lockness is real but i guess well neva no itll contine to remain a mystry for years to come. an you can tell that picture is fake i mean look at it to me thats the most pathtic thing created to even look like nessie lol wot a joke

  5. well of course its fake i agree! but you best be beliving that there is a loch ness monster no dought! and i think that is freakin scary! i mean a monster who lives in the loch that is !HUGE! i mean is it nice or bad does it kill people O_O ???? i dont now if we will ever see it unless that lake dryes out completley and i dont want it to be dryed out so we will nver see it. makes you wonder dosn’t it -_O
    (sorry about words bad speller)

  6. probly a elephant putting its trunk up the water cause it needs air but that ones fake i think lochness monsters realy cause it does seem real like bigfoot and the lochness monster is probly a dinasour wot survived the meteor hit but it dosent eat peps it proply a vegetarian

  7. Im 13 at berwick sewcondary & i dont think there is a 40 ft or how ever big moster in the lake. its porbally just a big group of fish or oversized water animals. iv seen many websites & a few of the pohtos and thoughts are just stupid… like an elaphant in a lake thats thousands of meteres long & deep. Like it wouldent have been alive since 1900 or somthing until 2008! it would die!! But.. what if its like an dinosaur.. dought it.. but MAYBE??
    Im doing a project, and i think the whole massive moster idea is a myth.

  8. So Just Cause It Says It Is Fake It IS NOT I Myself Was There When The Boat Tipped Over It Was My GrandFather That Got KILLED MY THE LOCH NEST MONSTER!!!!

  9. Are You People Stupid Its A Mixture Of A Water Horse And A Dino Iv Seen It Myself It IS Real It IS There It Is Not Just A Pic My GrandFather Died Cause He Was Fishing And The LOCH NEST MONSTER Tipped The Boat Over And Ate My GrandFather

  10. -Hey

    Um, YES it is real I’ve been reseaching it my whole life. It’s amazing In my oppinion i think it’s nice, and sweet to other people.

  11. umm. that picture is not nesse its a little thing of clay to trick ppl into thinkin its real but the real one may be out there somewhere

  12. i dont care what everyone else thinks. im only 8 and im collecting as much info & facts as i can about the monster. yeah, i believe in nessie… no one makes me not…

  13. Okay, firstly, marine creatures can live for a long time, since scientists have researched many times, I know a turtle that lived for 156 years, the Loch Ness lake is huge, Meaning that the monster has everything it needs, and there are definetely NO PREDATORS.


  14. Out of all the pictures i seen i beliven the lockness monster is probably still alive somewhere you may just find the truth about the lockness monster !

  15. that pic is a fake…..BUT i believe the LN monster is very real……..there are certain things spiritual and magical no one want to believe in but i have had experience that can only be describes as black magic,………….so then how can i say this creature isnt real…people i have seen things that god alone can explain

  16. It may be a myth and it may not I think that the Loch Ness is a real creature…..people will soon figure out that the Loch Ness is not a myth it is a beautiful creature that the Lord above has created and has sent down to show us that even a secret that has been hidden for so long still lives among us!!!!!!!!!

  17. seriously…don’t you people watch the news? if they can find a creature that even the smartest scientists were lead to believe has been dead for centuries….I’m pretty sure Nessie could be real…I remember a few years ago there being some sort of report stating that Nessie was in fact as dinosaur…same as the fish that was recovered…maybe Nessie was down in a crevasse and decided to pop up and explore…until you bastards started trying to take pictures and catch her…I’d be pissed and hide too!

  18. There was a show which was going on and they happend to pass by scotland and one of the animals died and threw it overboard and it happend to be a elaphant so it just swept into the loch ness

  19. this is crazy, i meen doesnt this website read its history??? the guy who mad this quoted on his death bed it was a hoax!!! oits just a kids toy boat PLEASE

  20. This is not what you can trust. The picture is not good enough to be certain about what it is claimed to be. a creature in the lake!….. maybe it’s a presage that makes us pay attention to the most powerful and compassionate creator. you must rely on god and be sure that he keeps the faithfull in faith.

  21. alot of you guys need help! itz a fake! READ!!! itz made from wood you idiots! the photo was taken right by the shallowest part of the water. the camera angle leaves you to believe that itz in the middle of the ocean. do your research.

  22. I read that the picture above was proven to be a fake but I do believe that there’s something out there. It’s kinda scary and gives me a creepy feeling when I think about it.

  23. i think thats the only pic that is a fake ! also pepol a long time ago say thay had seen it and pepol today say thay also seen it but think about it dont you think it could not had liven so long it must of had to repopulate(sory for the spelling)

  24. Hi call me a sado but i think it is nice to beleive in something and i beleive there is something in lochness. It is such a beautiful place for those of you who have never been go and visit and see for yourself the wonders of lochness and maybe with any luck you will see what lies beneath the murcky water of LOCHNESS.

  25. The Lockness Monster is,at the same time,male and female.It grows 3 meters from day to day!It dies and leaves an egg tom produce its baby!

  26. I dont care what anyone says.. I know that its real.. I saw it myself.. I mea you have lots of people here sayiung all the extra stuff about what they think this thing looks like and going off what other people say you will never know the truth untill people get up get out asnd do something to find out.. What i saw and what these people are telling opther people are totaly differrant things..

  27. As a teenager in Britain 40 years ago I saw this photograph with more image around the edges. It was a swimming pool with lots of feet standing around the pool with this thing in the water about the same size as the shoes. The famous image appeared to have been made by cropping out the feet and the edge of the swimming pool to appear as if it was in a lake.

    I was told the image was of an otter which had taken up residence in a swimming pool and which was photographed in the act of diving by locals.

    Note that anybody can confess to a hoax, and many people make a hobby out of it.

  28. You never know. Are ufos real? i know they are coz human works on the feilds in america and everywhere in the world would take 5 months to make.
    To loch ness monster.
    Christians believe that St.werburgh has scared the loch ness monster to never come back.
    i believe in that.But theres a little bit of time(lol) bettween that event.It may have survived.

    Or it may be from prehistoric times.Theres was a dinosour that lokked exactly like it.I don’t remember it’s name but it might not be fake.

  29. ryt for the idiotis down below fs its scotland the waters are -5oC at most times so unlikely its an elephant got people now adays idiots

  30. the guy that took this photo said on his deathbed that it was a fake! But no one believes some 1 who is dying. I need some actual facts about the LOCH NESS MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. its an elephant no its a hand no its a dinosaur…….its a wooden monster…read the damn note above the picture…..FACK………………….idiots

  32. i believe there is real creatures out there that looks just like that because they would’nt have came up with the idea of the picture of it so whoever made the decoy of that it’s possible they or someone they new seen it and know its similar of what they seen as far me i believe that this creature does really exist

  33. Some extra info that you NEED to know:

    What is a LEGEND?

    (According to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (C) 2003)
    “le’gend 1 [C,U] an old, well-known story; often about brave people, adventures, or magical events;…”

    What then, is a MYTH?

    “myth [C,U] an idea or story that many believe, but which IS NOT TRUE;…”

    Note the difference. A legend may be true yet a Myth is definately not.

  34. You know, scientists will always attempt to produce an answer for EVERYTHING.
    Some things cannot be explained by ‘science’, such as this.
    Funnily enough, much of the evidence shown to disprove the existence of Nessie is only relevent if Evolution is true – which it isn’t and to never shall be.
    I believe in Creation- that God created the heavens and the Earth, etc, etc. In fact, Evolution has been disproved by a certain Mr Kent Hovind and his crack team of experts :P . Check out http://www.drdino.com for more.

    Back to Nessie though, it is certainly possible for her to be alive, and as many others as 10 adult specimens as quoted by a recent documentary. The scientists that were questioned seemed to think that a colony of this size would not have survived over the years, moreover a group of “nessies” at least 30 in number would be necessary for successful reproduction, etc..

    Nessies wouldn’t have any predators, and if alive would not be at risk to possible diseases etc that an alien species would be prone to.
    just some thoughts…

  35. I’m not sure what it is , but when God (The TRUE God) Created the earth, There is a passage in the Bible that talkes about a large creature, Laviathen (sorry about spelling) Living in the water with a long neck and four fins. I agree with Shae about the guy at the right place at the right time, I believe that we will no know until Jesus comes back and I ask him.
    God is the ultimate Creator and he can do whatever he wants.

  36. As a specialist in this key area of belief, we have to support both sides of the story. There have been many sightings and photography of this sea life creature, therefore leads to an option of truth. On the other hand many members of the Loch Ness Suspicion Squad have concluded this as a false appearance of the Loch Ness Monster, and as a false image.

  37. did u know that some dinosaurs can reproduce on their own so it may not be a hoax what if each dinosaur gave birth to 1 young raised it and died. But the picture is a fake a pleasiousaur ( i am not sure about the spelling sorry) is a very shy creature and would never expose itself to that extent and very recently in 2006 a scientist and his team found something which looked like a sea sponge at the bottom of the lake and collected a sample of it but when he brought it back to his lab he found out it was a totally new life form so things can actually live in that lake and on that very same dive their underwater camera filmed what appeared to be a carcass and they will soon be going back to try and retreave the carcass
    (By the way i am from singapore and i am only 12 years old make u wonder how i know this stuff doesn’t it)

  38. on another web page they said it was an elephant because that is how elephants swimm, only with thier trunck and tip of head out of the water to breathe!

  39. well idk it looks real but when you think about it do you really think ther id STILL a monster living mabey Nessie used to live but surely not anymore

  40. ok ok it could be an elephant or it could be a hand…..or it could be that someone hand made something to look like Nesse and then made it float on the water,after doing that they could have simply steped back and took a shot….TADA!! that guy spotted Nesse!!!

    I mean,iv never seen a picture of Nesse where the head was out of the water…so how was this guy luck enouph to be at the right place at the right time and WITH a camera,to take such a shot??When everyone else in scotteland has tryed so many times before this person came around…

  41. Of course it’s a fake… anybody with half a brain can see that it’s a fake. Just look at how big the waves are compared to the body of “Nessie”.

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